What’s Worse Than a Disney Adult? Hint…it’s Not Influencers

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Disney Adults have an infamous reputation nowadays.

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Disney Adults

There has been reporting on how this specific group of Disney fans is ruining the Disney experience for others. Examples may include individuals who budge families or kids for popular rides or engage in cringe-worthy annoyances like reciting lines from pre-shows.

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It’s not uncommon to see these individuals when visiting places such as Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or a Disney Cruise Line vacation.

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What people define as “Disney Adults” varies, however. While many argue these may be obnoxious guests, others are referring to Disney fans over 18 years old.

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But despite all the stories and debates about Disney Adults, another group is on the rise in Orlando, Florida. Who? A group of people who are like Disney Adults…but not like them at all.

Confusing? I know it is. But that’s just what these people are: confused. I speak, of course, about the “Universal Studios Adults.”

Universal Studios Adults

Disney Adults, you can at least understand. Most grew up during the Disney renaissance of the 80s and 90s. As such, they deeply love Disney movies and are nostalgic for some of the best decades for theme parks.


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Universal Adults…are a bit more…unusual—no offense to them. I consider myself one. But it’s a little different. Isn’t it?

Disney Adults are Disney kids who just grew up over the past 10-20 years. Universal Adults…are…a mash-up of people. Very few kids in the 80s and 90s have fond memories of Ghostbusters and Jaws at Universal Studios Orlando. Although those attractions had (and still have) die-hard fans, it’s not quite the same.

disney back to the future

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A true Universal Studios kid (now adult) would be heartbroken that Spongebob, Back to the Future, and many other classic properties have been removed from the park(s). Universal has never put the effort into the child market like Disney has for decades.

universal studios orlando florida

Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida / Credit: Universal

Which makes it all the more unusual when you see full-fledged adults who want to get hammered and hang out at Seuss Landing. Or they want to spend their weekend evenings pretending they are 14-year-old Wizards from Europe.

Hogwarts Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal orlando

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Universal Kids Resort

Again, nothing wrong with that. I understand it. But I wonder if they will get the same flack and pushback as Disney Adults. Are they “worse than” Disney Adults? Perhaps…but it depends on the individual, doesn’t it?

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Time will tell…but there is already talk of adults without kids planning trips to the new Universal Kids Resort in Texas. Why? To check out the Krusty Krab, of course!

But will they be Disney Adults…or Universal Studios Adults? Or both? Time will tell…

And whether Universal wants it or not…adults of either kind will come to Fresno to check out their new park.

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