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Zombies 3 Credit: Disney

Extended ‘ZOMBIES 3’ Trailer Is Released

ZOMBIES fans have only seen short teaser trailers for the newest Disney Channel Original Movie — that is, until now! Even though the days of Disney Channel Original Movies like Camp Rock and High School Musical are long gone, Disney has continued to release some original movies for Disney Channel — and one of the more popular releases, the ZOMBIES series, has a new addition! A trailer for ZOMBIES 3 has just been released, and we can expect an entirely new kind of enemy for the main characters.

Disney Channel had previously released a brief teaser trailer (shown below), and we knew from the casting announcement about iconic drag queen RuPaul that the students of Seabrook High were no longer contending with zombies or werewolves. Instead, the new threat is aliens!

Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim are returning in their lead roles as the cheerleader Addison and the zombie Zed (after participating in a very special TV show for Disney over the holidays), and RuPaul will be playing the Mothership, a “comedically passive-aggressive UFO” that brings aliens to Earth — and Seabrook. RuPaul already has experience as a performer, so we have to wonder if the Mothership will sing any solos!


ZOMBIES actors Milo Manheim, Meg Donnelly, Kylee Russell, and Trevor Tordjman were featured in Disney’s Holiday Magic Quest. Credit: Disney

The first ZOMBIES movie was released back in 2018, and was directly inspired by the book Zombies & Cheerleaders. You can see the new extended trailer for the upcoming original movie in the Tweet posted below! Do you see any ensemble characters that you’d been hoping would return for the third film?

ZOMBIES 3 is going to start streaming on Disney+ as of July 15, but any big ZOMBIES fans should hold out for the extended edition of the Disney Channel Original Movie (which has original songs in a similar style to High School Musical) that will air on August 12 on Disney Channel. Since the extended edition will have a bonus original song, you won’t want to miss it!

Are you excited for ZOMBIES 3? Have you been following along with the series of original movies, or is this the first time you’re hearing of the franchise? Which do you prefer: zombies, werewolves, or aliens?


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