‘Zootopia 2’ Reportedly Has Best Test Screening EVER For Disney Animation!

Zootopia 2 test screening
Credit: Disney

In 2016, Disney fans were transported to the bustling metropolis of Zootopia.¬†Zootopia¬†tells the story of Judy Hopps, the first bunny rabbit on the Zootopia police force. Judy soon finds herself on the hunt for some missing predators who live in Zootopia. Some of the predators are found, but they have become “savage”. Judy must work with sly fox Nick Wilde to try to figure out what is happening to the animals.


Credit: Disney

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Thankfully, Judy’s hard work, grit, and tenacity help her save the residents of the city she loves so much.¬†The film was an absolute hit. Fans could not get enough of the story, which addressed issues of discrimination and social stereotypes.

The movie was so popular that Disney created an original series for Disney+, called Zootopia+. Zootopia+ launched on Disney+ on November 9, 2022.


Credit: Disney

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On February 8, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Disney animators and storytellers were hard at work on creating a sequel to the hit movie. Screenwriter Jared Bush also revealed that he was working on a script. Both Ginnifer Goodwin — who voiced Judy Hopps — and Jason Bateman — who voiced Nick Wilde — have given ideas for a sequel. That indicates that both of them planned on returning for the follow-up film.


Credit: Disney

At this time, we have almost no details on Zootopia 2. Disney has not shared any images or given any indication of what story the new movie will tell. However, we do have some really positive news!

According to several sources, Disney recently conducted a test screening for Zootopia 2 and things went better than ever! It was apparently the best first test screening Disney has ever had.

#Zootopia2 is closer than we thought!

I heard they had their first test screening today, and it’s the best first test screening ever for #DisneyAnimation 

Even though¬†Zootopia¬†came out seven years ago, it continues to be an incredibly popular film. It is so popular that the House of Mouse is preparing to open a new Zootopia land at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort. Drone footage of the new land was recently shared online, and fans were blown away by Disney’s attention to detail and the beautiful colors used in the area.

Fans Love Zootopia Land Footage

Credit: River Dai Twitter

For a while, there were rumors going around that Disney would also be putting a¬†Zootopia-themed area at Walt Disney World Resort’s Animal Kingdom Park. But that looks like it is no longer happening.

In September, Disney shared that major rethemes were coming to Animal Kingdom, but they had nothing to do with¬†Zootopia.¬†Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand U.S.A. will be getting transformed into areas highlighting¬†Indiana Jones and¬†Encanto. The area will be renamed, turning into something that focuses on a “tropical Americas” experience.

South America Animal Kingdom

Credit: @ScottGustin, Twitter/X

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In the images shared by Disney, it appears that guests will be able to venture into the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, just like the one found at Disneyland Resort. Images also showed that the Madrigal’s casita will be featured in the¬†Encanto area.

Disney Fanatic will keep readers updated as we learn more about Zootopia 2.

Will you be excited to head to the theaters and watch Zootopia 2? Let us know in the comments!

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