Animal Kingdom Favorite’s Return Is Confirmed

The Kali River Rapids ride is reopening soon after being closed for the winter!

If you have a strong love of certain Disney water rides, and the Animal Kingdom, and you’re not opposed to a little cold weather, then good news! The popular ride called Kali River Rapids, which is located in the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom Disney Park, is coming back at the start of spring in Walt Disney World Resort!

Kali River Rapids

The Kali River Rapids ride is one of the most popular Animal Kingdom theme park rides, alongside Expedition Everest.

It is not abnormal for a water ride like Kali River Rapids (where Walt Disney World Resort and Animal Kingdom Guests can and do get anywhere from damp to completely soaked, depending on where they are sitting on the Disney ride) to be closed during the winter time.

However, since Kali River Rapids is so popular, its reopening dates for spring are always highly-anticipated by anyone who will be heading to the Animal Kingdom Disney Park come March or April.

disney's animal kingdom entrance

The entrance to Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park Credit: Disney

We knew in December that Kali River Rapids would be closed starting on January 9, but now we also know when the water ride will be back!

The water ride will apparently be back up and running (with running water coursing down the ride tracks as well, of course) in March of 2023. At first, we were only told to expect a delay that would at least bring the ride’s closure past Valentine’s Day in February; unfortunately, it will indeed be a longer closure than that.

Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom

The Kali River Rapids will be closing on January 9th and will not reopen until March.

Disney Park ride or roller coaster closures can be frustrating for Disney Guests — even if the closures are refurbishments that are timed well, such as the closure of a water ride in January. However, a planned closure is always less frustrating for Guests than the plethora of ride breakdowns and unexpected closures that have plagued the Disney Parks in recent months!

Will you be heading to Walt Disney World Resort to enjoy the Kali River Rapids again in March? Where does this ride stand on your list of Disney favorites (such as Expedition Everest)?

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