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Animal Kingdom 101 – Part 2: Entertainment, Characters, & Dining

Animal Kingdom 101, Part 2

In part 2 of our Animal Kingdom 101 article, we’ll take a look at all of the entertainment, character greeting opportunities, and dining options available at Animal Kingdom. If you want to read about rides and attractions, check out Animal Kingdom 101: Part 1. Entertainment Did you know that Animal Kingdom actually offers 11 unique entertainment acts? Let’s start with ...

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8 Truly Terrible Things About Walt Disney World

8 Terrible Things About Disney

I love Disney World more than any other place I’ve visited, but I was still able to come up with 8 completely terrible things worth hating about it. #1-4 could have been written by the ever-cranky Donald Duck. They’re pure sarcasm and I don’t mean a word of these! #5-8, however… they’re actually things that Disney Fanatics might all agree ...

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How To Tackle Animal Kingdom 101: Part 1: Rides and Attractions

Animal Kingdom

For guests who are less familiar with Animal Kingdom, here is a crash course in everything you need to know about what the park has to offer. First, we’ll take a look at the “meat” of the park- the rides and attractions, as well as a general touring strategy for the park. In part 2 of our article, we’ll conquer ...

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Has Disney Gotten Too Expensive? 5 Ways to Save on Your Next Trip

Is Disney Too Expensive

Let’s face it; Disney is not cheap. Lodging expenses plus the addition of park tickets and food can seem overwhelming. Tickets are up to almost $100 for a single day, single park visit. We can’t change this, but there are ways to save on all of these things. It is very possible to do Disney on a budget. So start ...

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6 Reasons Why We Love Space Mountain

Space Mountain

Space Mountain is one of my favorite rides in all of Disney World. It offers family fun, superb theming, and an element of thrill. Here are 6 reasons why Space Mountain remains one of the most popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom. 6. It’s a classic park staple People like what they know, so classic rides are often among guest ...

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Disney’s Boardwalk 101 – Fabulous Fun Without A Park Ticket!

Disney's Boardwalk

Have you heard of Disney’s Boardwalk, but haven’t made it a priority to go exploring? In some ways, Disney’s Boardwalk is similar Downtown Disney, but on a much smaller scale. There’s a bit of shopping, several dining options, some nightlife, and entertainment along the quarter-mile boardwalk. This article will provide you with a quick run-down of what Disney’s Boardwalk has ...

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20 Things You Must Do at Disney World In Your Lifetime

Princess Castle

Disney has some incredible, over the top experiences to offer. This list, however, isn’t necessarily about the most exclusive, expensive, or rare experiences. What follows is a list of purely magical experiences that you simply must do in your lifetime. 20. Have a character meal Adults love characters, too, so no excuses if you aren’t travelling with a child! Interacting ...

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8 Disney Disorders You May Have

Castle Question Mark

Disney fanatics loved our articles about “10 Symptoms of a Disney Obsession” and “15 Things to Help Satisfy Your Disney Craving at Home.” Along the same lines, we have compiled a humorous list of 8 strictly fictional diagnoses about Disney Disorders that only true fanatics would suffer from. Important disclaimer! Please read this article with your sense of humor activated. ...

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