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Priyanka is a writer, artist, avid reader, and travel enthusiast based in Chicago. In her free time, she is probably walking by the lake, catching up on the latest releases on TV, or spending inordinate amounts of time rewatching Moana, Encanto, and her Disney Channel life-long favorites Zack and Cody wreak havoc on the Tipton.

“Unsustainable Business Model”: Journalist Argues Disney Will See Its End Soon

disney unsustainable

The Walt Disney Company is on the receiving end of much criticism fairly frequently, and in light of the recent news we’ve received about the layoffs and the reorganization of the company, one journalist shared that many of these developments were unsurprising and that the entertainment giant is due to see its end soon due to Disney’s unsustainable business practices. ...

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Fans Question the Price of a Disney World Vacation Again

disney world flights

One of the primary concerns and criticisms surrounding a Walt Disney World vacation has been the expense involved (and occasionally, debt accrued) in going to the Disney Resort and taking a stroll through any Disney Theme Park on site. But recent discussions highlight that there’s one other element that factors into these costs—flights to Disney World. While the February 8 ...

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Iger and D’Amaro Might Change the Park Reservation System

disney parks changes

Calling all Disney Parks fans, Disney released its earnings presentation after the February 8 call, and there are some changes ahead for the Parks. All Disney Fanatics would agree that the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are the ultimate spots for that quintessential Disney experience. But it seems that between Disney CEO Bob Iger and Disney Parks, Experiences, ...

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What Does the End of the Bob Chapek Era Really Mean?

disney current state

Disney has repeatedly hammered the point home that the Bob Chapek Era is over. But this begs the question, what does this mean for the current state of the Walt Disney Company? As Disney Fanatics know, the February 8 earnings call brought a lot of news—some good, some grave—for Disney fans to process. Post the earnings call, the continued trickle ...

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Disney Layoffs Questions: Will Executives Take “Major Pay Cuts?”

disney layoffs questions

The February 8 earnings call took the Disney community by storm, and in particular, the announcement of the Disney layoffs has raised questions among shaken fans. It seems that former Disney CEO Bob Chapek ‘s Era is truly over. Disney has taken multiple steps to ensure that much has been made clear. During the February 8 Walt Disney Company earnings ...

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Here’s How Disney’s Layoffs Are Going to Affect the Disney Parks

disney parks layoffs

The Walt Disney Company earnings call that took place on February 8 brought with it the shocking announcement that the Mouse House was going to see major layoffs. As more details about these layoffs come to light, Josh D’Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, explained that the Parks wouldd also significantly reduce staffing. It’s going to be a tough year ...

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Disney’s Monorail to Close Soon (And Other Reopenings)

disneyland monorail

Every Disney ride and attraction needs to undergo routine closures for maintenance and refurbishment, but so does the Parks transportation. Whether Guests choose to go to the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort, they know they are in for the ultimate Disney experience. Whether because of attractions like Haunted Mansion or Indiana Jones Adventure, or rides like Big ...

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A New ‘Avatar’ Experience Is Coming To This US Disney Park

avatar experience disneyland

The Walt Disney Company’s first-quarter earnings call brought more than numbers with it: Disney CEO Bob Iger made an exciting announcement. The Disney first-quarter earnings call has taken the Disney community by storm with the amount of news it’s brought. For one, Disney CEO, Bob Iger shared that the company was going to be going through a massive transformation, which ...

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