Disney Roller Coaster Evacuation Forces Guests to Walk the Track

Big Thunder Mountain evacuation
Credit: Disney; u/redeyejim, Reddit

It is not an uncommon experience to have a ride breakdown at a theme park. In the interest of guest safety, Disney is particularly sensitive to ensuring everyone has a positive experience aboard its rides. However, an emergency stop on a classic Disney theme park roller coaster recently forced guests to evacuate by walking on the tracks.

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Credit: Disney

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Resort in California is a thrilling roller coaster experience that has been popular since its debut. Found in the thematic Frontierland, this iconic attraction takes riders on a wild journey through the rugged landscape of the Old West.

What makes Big Thunder Mountain Railroad so popular is its winning combination of immersive storytelling and exhilarating thrills. Set in the fictitious mining town of Tumbleweed, the ride tells the tale of a haunted gold mine, complete with dynamic animatronics, stunning scenery, and a rickety track that seems on the brink of collapse. Riders board runaway mine trains, embarking on a high-speed adventure filled with sudden drops, sharp turns, and explosive surprises.

The ride’s popularity is further enhanced by its accessibility to a wide range of guests, from thrill-seekers to families. Its universal appeal, engaging narrative, and heart-pounding excitement make Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a longstanding classic at Disneyland.

Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Resort

Credit: Disney

Big Thunder Mountain Evacuation

A guest at Disneyland Resort in California recently took to the r/Disneyland subreddit to post pictures of their experience with a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad emergency stop. While most breakdowns would end after a few minutes, these guests were forced to evacuate the roller coaster. However, it provided them with a very rare experience.

Ride broke down we got to walk the track
byu/redeyejim inDisneyland

The group got to walk the tracks of the attraction, including inside the dark caves of the iconic mountain. While it sounded like a harrowing ordeal, they seemed actually to enjoy the unique perspective. Even responses on the thread announced their jealousy. One even rated the same experience as a must-see event.

We did the same! Ride got stuck at the hill up toward the TNT explosion. They walked us out a door to the right that connected to the first uphill climb, walked out past the bats hanging on strings (lights were all on), right out the front entrance like you. 10/10, would get stuck again.

byu/redeyejim from discussion

Always keep in mind that ride evacuations are done to keep you safe. If you are in a similar situation, bask in the unique experience and know that sometimes things don’t always turn out as planned!

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