Captain America Is Getting A Real Musical Number in ‘Hawkeye’

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America opposite Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter/Peggy Carter. Credit: Marvel

When the Hawkeye teaser trailer was released weeks ago, many Marvel fans instantly spotted the ‘Rogers: The Musical’ marquee in the clip. Many people initially thought that the stage musical poster was an Easter egg, or a hidden joke to make fans speculate about what a Captain America musical would actually be like. But lo and behold, the musical is real–at least, in the ‘Hawkeye’ show it is!

Credit: Ashley Carter on Twitter


The news was confirmed by Marvel Entertainment on Twitter, with a Tweet featuring a genuine interview between two Broadway composers who wrote the musical number for the show! Many Marvel fans will be pleased to learn this, because as we previously put it, “a musical about Captain America would actually have potential. His story has everything a stage musical needs: distinct and dramatic set pieces, standout costumes, a protagonist with charisma, unique villains, and lots of moments that include personal growth (which, as we all know from Disney princesses, are the ideal times for songs about wants, desires, or character development).”

In the interview about the song, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman (who apparently “co-wrote the lyrics, with Shaiman also producing the actual song recording”) said that they “[used] the backdrop of an epic Avengers battle [to craft] a show-stopping musical number for Hawkeye, focusing on the idea of, ‘save the city.'” Apparently Marvel Studios isn’t doing things halfway with the song, so it features bonafide performers; Shaiman and Wittman confirmed this when Shaimain said that “we’ve got some fantastic singers on this track, so I can’t wait for people to hear.” Time will tell if the singers are household names already, or if Marvel fans will be introduced to some previously-undiscovered talent! Would you be interested in watching a full-length Steve Rogers musical, and are you excited to see the “show-stopping musical number” in Marvel‘s ‘Hawkeye’ when it premieres?

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