Cast Member Shares Frustration with Character Attendants

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Cast Members make the Disney experience. They are the heart of the Disney Parks and make a Theme Park experience the most magical it can be for a Disney Guest. However, things can go awry at the Disney Parks. Oftentimes, Guests have picked fights with Cast Members or yelled obscenities at them. Cast Members have shared before how damaging Guest behavior at the Disney Parks can be. However, recently, a former Cast Member expressed a new complaint; she shared that one of her biggest pet peeves was character attendants who behaved in extremely frustrating ways.

magic kingdom cinderella castle

“Partners Statue” in front of Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

Sarah Daniels, a former face character Cast Member shared that “one thing that drove [her] notes” was when character attendants “started to get to know [the Cast Members], they would steal [the face character’s] dialogue to try and have magical moments with the kids before they came up to the face character.


This is a SUPER generic dialogue example but you get the picture 🤣 #facecharacter #disneyaudition #disney #disneyprincess #disneyworld

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In the video, Daniels gave a specific example of what that dialogue could look like, stressing that it was frustrating since kids would have already had the magical interaction then, leaving the child bored with the face character.

There were Cast Members in the comments who corroborated this experience and even one Cast Member who was going into character attendant training the following week who shared, “I start character attendant training next week, so i’m so happy this popped up on my fyp so i know NOT what to do LOL.”

Another commenter shared, “it was always the hosts that desperately wanted to be face characters lol.”

Cinderella and Snow White

Disney Princesses Cinderella and Snow White / Courtesy of Paul Hiffmeyer/Disney via Getty Images

One fan commented that she’d had an awkward encounter with a Disney Cast Member, “I had a well intentioned but very pushy attendant try to convince me to hug Ariel because I had a Little Mermaid shirt on, it was so awkward.” Another shared, “I feel like character attendants often want to be the main character so desperately but don’t know how to read the room sometimes.”

It was certainly surprising to see how common this occurrence was at the Disney Parks and the number of people who’d seen this happen.

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