Cinderella’s Lily James Is Unrecognizable As Pamela Anderson


We already know that actors and actresses often transform for their roles–but those transformations are all the more shocking if the actor in question plays a Disney princess! When acteess Lily James played Cinderella beautifully in 2015, the kind nature and warmth of her personality seemed to make the role particularly natural for the British actress. However, Lily is actually “really dark” in hair color and eyebrow color, and “she took some big leaps” to play the blonde ingenue, according to the movie’s makeup designer Naomi Donne. Now, Lily is taking that same leap to play a blonde again, but this time, Lily James’ transformation is a far more dramatic change in every way. This time, it’s Pamela Anderson!

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Looking at this released image of Lily in character, it’s hard to rectify the dainty princess with the seductive glamazon presented (and it took hours to make the change!). Her costar in the new miniseries (which is called Pam & Tommy) is none other than Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky the Winter Soldier in the Marvel Studios Avengers films and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.

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Even though Disney fans are most familiar with the young Englishwoman as Cinderella, or perhaps for her role as Lady Rose on Downton Abbey, Lily has done several projects that are more raw or serious than one might expect. Her performance in Rebecca is painfully stunning, and she’s done everything from period dramas like War and Peace to comedies like Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. With a role as seemingly far from her past as this one is in Pam and Tommy, though, we’ll certainly be interested to see how Lily handles this role–and we’ll be wondering if she brings the same warmth and purity to the core of Pamela Anderson as she did for Cinderella!

Is the live-action Cinderella movie your favorite Disney movie? Are you interested in seeing Lily play Pamela Anderson?



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