CMs are the MVPs during Hurricane Ian per Disney Guests

disney cast members hurricane ian

As Hurricane Ian sweeps through Florida, some Disney Guests are expressing their appreciation for the Cast Members keeping the Resort running.

Most Disney fans would agree that Cast Members are the heart and soul of the Disney experience at the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida. Be it the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Cast Members always do their best to give every Guest that quintessential Disney magic during their Disney visit to the Disney Park.

Disney Cast Members with Magic

Disney Cast Members/Click Orlando

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In a recent Reddit post from September 28, Disney Guest u/tikiyadenola, staying at the Disney Resort, shared a video on the social media platform sharing what the winds and the Resort looked like during the storm, with the caption, “There’s 30 min left until they close the Food Court and you can see the bands coming in.”

Check it out:

There’s 30 min left until they close the Food Court and you can see the bands coming in. from WaltDisneyWorld

In the thread, another Redditor—u/Current-Promotion-31— brought up the safety of the CMs staffing the Resort and inquired as to where they were staying.

The OP responded, “Yea, one cast member said they were told to bring extra clothes if they volunteered to stay the night. But they didn’t say where they are staying in kinda hoping they are staying in the resort.”

In response to this, multiple Redditors shared how CMs were being taken care of and were making the best of this situation. u/Leon978 shared, “Just saw a CM enter a room at AKL and they were loudly welcomed by a bunch of other CMs, so looks like thankfully they get paid slumber parties as part of the deal :)”

Magic Kingdom/Disney

Another Redditor, u/TrickyScientist6561, shared his wife’s experience working as a CM at Disney’s Pop Century Resort:

My wife used to work at Pop. Apparently CMs love working hurricane duty. Double pay and can work for 36 hours straight (or at least when she was there that was the deal). They give you free accommodations at the resort, food is covered, and according to her they do tons of entertainment stuff for the guests and it makes it a lot more bearable. It also sounds like the CMs stock up on alcohol before and have a party when they aren’t working.

Seemingly, the CMs who stay to take care of Guests during emergencies like this are also taken care of in turn!

Previously, we have also reported on how CMs are managing the situation in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds, among others.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to keep readers updated on all Disney news as it comes to light.

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