Disney Character Has Existential Crisis, Fails to Perform During Attraction

Daisy Duck breaks down
Credit: Disney; Twitter, @MariaMondloch

Disneyland Resort in California is a place where anything can happen. While the theme park often tries to ensure the experience is magical, sometimes reality rears its ugly head. One Disney character couldn’t handle the pressure of performing any longer and completely shut down during her big moment. Because the internet is hilarious, the footage has been shared online to fantastical memes.

runaway railway queue

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway has been a popular experience at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Florida since it opened in 2020. Since then, Disneyland in California has followed suit and opened the same attraction in its Toontown section of the Park this year. The ride is notable for being the first-ever Disney attraction to feature Mickey Mouse as its main theme. It is based on the animated Mickey Mouse shorts seen on the Disney Channel and uses the same animation style. The attraction replaced the former Mickey’s Toontown Railroad at the el CapiTOON theater when opening at the California Park.

The ride combines animatronic characters and projection mapping to tell its story. While everything usually goes off without a hitch, sometimes the animatronics can fail to work. This often leads to extremely funny outcomes, as seen in the footage below.

Runaway Railroad Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Daisy Duck Breaks Down

Guests at Disneyland Resort recently got to experience the joys of animatronic failure. Daisy Duck’s portion of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad usually features the diva conducting the ride carts in a waltz dance on the floor before her. However, it seems she forgot her cue at this moment.

Twitter/X user Maria Mondloch shared footage of the experience with the hilarious caption, “She’s ok, she’s ok, she just needs a second.”

Daisy Duck can be seen with her eyes closed and her hands in the air. She seems locked in thought and barely moves, much less conducts the waltz. While a busted animatronic doesn’t always look funny, this one isn’t fully broken. Daisy moves ever so slightly, giving off what looks like a character having a deep existential crisis and being lost in thought.

Twitter/X has had a field day with the footage, offering up their own interpretations of Daisy Duck’s breakdown.

She’s about to drop a “I just think it’s funny…”

The ride has had several malfunctions since opening at Disneyland this year. Still, it has been a popular attraction and added a much-needed revival to the Toontown section of the Park.

You can’t always guarantee a perfect ride experience at Disney theme parks. However, sometimes these unexpected problems can make for some exceedingly entertaining moments. This incident where Daisy Duck breaks down just proves that even animatronics might need a moment to collect themselves. This diva is just in character.

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