Disney Adds More Restrictions to Guests’ Halloween Costumes

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Whether they have been fistfighting, deliberately wearing inappropriate clothing to get free Disney clothes, or Disneybounding in ball gowns, Disney Park Guests have definitely been testing Disney’s boundaries lately. With Halloween on its way and autumn beginning to loom, the potential for Guests’ bad behavior is only increasing — and Disney seems to be responding with more and more restrictions!

The Disney Resort called Tokyo Disneyland is adopting a stricter policy for Halloween this year. Star Wars costumes are sometimes acceptable in Disney Parks for certain events, and Tokyo Disneyland is allowing some Marvel superheroes like Iron Man and Thor to grace the Disney Resort with their presence.

But one popular Marvel character has been added to the no-go list: Spider-Man, the young superhero played by Tom Holland!


Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’. Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

There are already plenty of Disney, Marvel, and Pixar character costumes that are not allowed in Disney Parks like those at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — in part because wearing a costume makes it hard for Guests to know which costume-clad people are Disney performers and which are Disney visitors who do not represent the Walt Disney Company (and who are simply trying to represent their favorite Disney character).

Tom Holland

Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Credit: Marvel

If you were hoping to wear a Spider-Man suit, consider this: being forbidden from wearing a Spider-Man costume in a Disney Park means that you also won’t have to ask yourself whether or not to invest in a fake posterior to wear underneath the suit (like this real Spider-Man actor did)!


Photo Credit: Undercover Tourist

Perhaps an understated Prince Charming outfit will work for your Disney Park Halloween Costume instead — not to mention a Pirates of the Caribbean Disneybounding outfit or a Disney princess makeup look that suits your favorite Disney character! Whether your favorite Disney character is Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Captain Hook, or Peter Pan, there must be some way to portray them without breaking any rules.

And don’t forget to check Disney Park rules before showing up in your new look — or perhaps you’ll want to enlist some help from these Disney-specific personal stylists when it comes to representing your favorite Disney character while still following Disney rules!

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