Disney Unveils High-End New Disney100 Merchandise

disney100 samsung frame television
Credits: Samsung / Canva

Disney’s highly-anticipated Disney100 celebration comes with lots of perks for Disney Fanatics (much like any other big Disney celebration, such as last year’s 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort), but Disney has just revealed one perk that’s particularly pricey!

walt disney disney100 celebration

Let Mickey Hide Your TV Habit!

According to Good Morning America, you can “bring some magic into your living room with this new launch from Samsung.” Samsung has reportedly “teamed up with Disney on a limited edition of its Frame television.”

Frame televisions are all the rage these days, because they camouflage televisions as framed pieces of artwork whenever they are turned off.

For many people, powered-down television screens are a bit of an eyesore in areas like living rooms or bedrooms; a product like this Samsung television allows TV enthusiasts to watch TV or play video games, then essentially ‘hide’ their TV under the guise of artwork!

For Disney Fanatics, this new Disney100 Frame television will be particularly special.

According to Good Morning America, “the television, which doubles as an art frame, features 100 pieces of Disney art, a platinum silver bezel with the Disney100 logo, and a Mickey Mouse-inspired remote.”

disney100 samsung television

The Samsung Frame Disney100 Edition TV is here! Credit: ABC News Photo Illustration / Good Morning America

Which Size Will You Choose?

There are three different “Disney100 Edition” Frame television sizes available: a TV measuring 55 inches, one measuring 65 inches, and one measuring 75 inches.

In a press release, Cheolgi Kim (the executive vice president of visual display business at Samsung Electronics) declared that Samsung hopes that “this unique edition of The Frame allows more people to experience the wonderful viewing experience the TV has to offer.”

This Disney-themed TV costs $1699.99, $2199.99, or $3199.99, depending on which size you purchase!

disney100 samsung frame television

The Samsung Frame Disney100 Edition TV is here! Credit:

Are you interested in this high-end Disney celebration merchandise?

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