Disney Guests Accidentally Trespass During Bizarre Incident

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Disney prides itself on its attention to detail, particularly within the Disney theme parks that can be found at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and international Disney resorts.

However, even Disney is not perfect, and things do occasionally fall through the cracks in very awkward or humorous ways at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and international Disney theme parks or resorts.

What an Awkward Situation…

Disney Fanatics always enjoy hearing about Disney’s foibles (is Stitch’s Character Meet and Greet in the parking lot ringing a bell?) no matter how far afield they might be.

Today, we’re sharing a bizarre yet amusing incident that recently happened across the pond in Disneyland Paris!

disneyland paris annual pass benefits lost

Credit: Lee Sullivan, Flickr

According to the DLP Report on X (formerly known as Twitter), “The former Annual Pass Office is currently open (or has been left unlocked?) and is full of guests sheltering from the rain with no Cast Member in sight.”

HOW Many Hours?

Usually, Disney staff are fairly diligent and observant when it comes to noticing and rectifying anything that might be amiss (except in this case; sorry Moana!).

However, on this day, Disneyland Paris Cast Members actually failed to notice the crowd that had gathered in an off-limits space for hours on end!

A few hours later, the same source reported that “playtime’s over, everyone got kicked out and the AP Office doors are locked.” Take a look for yourself in the Tweet shown below!

Were They Really “Kicked Out”?

Although the DLP Report did say that Disneyland Paris guests were “kicked out,” it seems unlikely that the sheltering Disneyland Paris Resort visitors were unceremoniously escorted out of the Annual Passholder office in the Disney park.

Instead, they were mostly likely just politely asked to leave once a Cast Member realized their mistake — and that Cast Member probably escorted them out gently while sporting a big smile, since a happy demeanor is a requirement of Disney employees at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and international Disney theme parks or resorts.

Considering how many alarming stories we have heard recently about Disney theme park guests mutilating each other, fistfighting in the Magic Kingdom, harassing Cast Members, bathing in off-limits Disney park fountains, or drunkenly disturbing the Disney magic, this incident involving misbehaving Disney guests seems positively timid!

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