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Is Drinking “Around the World” Ruining EPCOT? Guests Leave Park in Shambles

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Harassing Disney’s Cast Members and character performers? Mutilating other Disney theme park Guests? Fistfighting in the streets of the Magic Kingdom while their own children watch?

We have unfortunately seen Disney World, Disneyland, and international Disney Park Guests doing all of the above in recent years — and now it looks like Disney Guests are actually becoming even more violent, potentially due to excessive alcohol consumption!

Drinking in EPCOT

Credit: Mike Defelippo, Flickr

Is Drinking “Around the World” a Mistake?

Drinking “Around the World” in the EPCOT World Showcase at Walt Disney World Resort has become a staple for Disney Adults who enjoy cocktails or beers on their Disney World vacations — even though some people think that this tradition should make like Splash Mountain and disappear.

There are certainly plenty of wonderful restaurants in the EPCOT World Showcase that offer delicious drinks as well as flavorful meals.

However, too many drinks can cause a lot of trouble for theme parks when it comes to rampaging Guests, regardless of whether or not there is Disney magic present!

What happened after Epcot forever tonight lol (found this walking out of the park near international gateway)
by inWaltDisneyWorld

Rocket the Raccoon, or Drunk Disney Guest? We May Never Know

A Reddit user who recently visited Disney World has shared (in the post shown above) that, for some reason, an EPCOT trash can was knocked down and left on the ground in the famous Disney Park.

“It’s sad when trash cans can’t handle drinking around the world,” one Disney fan commented jokingly on the picture.

Love Is an Open Door — Except for This One!

This was not the only damage done in EPCOT recently; shockingly, an automatic door was actually ripped off its track, which requires a significant amount of intent and strength!

Since the damage to the door was shared in a Reddit conversation entitled “What Drinking Around the World Does to People,” it seems very likely that alcohol was involved in the case of the automatic door.

Spaceship Earth Narrator

EPCOT is one of the four Disney Parks in the Walt Disney World Resort. It is joined by the Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Credit: Disney

Have you noticed increasing signs of damage in the EPCOT theme park recently?

If so, do you think that Drinking Around the World has something to do with it — or do you think that Disney Guests are just misbehaving on a more and more reckless scale in general, even without alcoholic beverages?

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