Disney Announces Bizarre Documentary Honoring Controversial Fashion Designer

cinderella frowns at karl lagerfeld

First Idina Menzel, then Elton John, now…Karl Lagerfeld? Apparently, Disney+ is expanding its documentary offerings in an unexpected way!

The late German fashion designer — and as one website put it, “Disney princess” — is becoming the focus of a new Disney+ documentary called Kaiser Karl. Late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is considered to be an icon in the world of fashion, due in part to his very recognizable appearance.

lily rose depp with karl lagerfeld

Lily-Rose Depp with Karl Lagerfeld. Karl Lagerfeld was a German fashion designer who was associated with the French fashion house Chanel and Fendi, and who is now the focus of a Disney+ documentary, in six parts, called ‘Kaiser Karl’. Credit: / Youtube

However, Lagerfeld was also known for his high-profile friendships with people like Marlene Dietrich, his dramatic fashion feud with Yves Saint Laurent, and his offensive behavior — which has made many people question whether or not he should be honored at all posthumously, and certainly makes him a public figure who might seem like an unlikely choice for Disney’s focus.

Lagerfeld was known for his work with fashion houses like the French fashion house Chanel and Fendi, and the Disney+ documentary Kaiser Karl will be divided into six parts. This is not the first celebrity that Disney+ has examined in a documentary, but the subject certainly seems unexpected!


Credit: Playbill

Potential Frozen 3 star Idina Menzel was recently honored with a Disney documentary called Which Way To The Stage? last winter, and Elton John was honored with a Disney+ concert as well.

However, both Idina Menzel and Elton John are Disney darlings in their own right — and some other recent Disney+ specials, like those focusing on Encanto and Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, also make sense.


Elton John performs at the 20th-anniversary of The Lion King. Credit: Walter McBride

Karl Lagerfeld may seem like a left field choice for some Disney+ subscribers, and time will tell whether or not the controversial documentary will enhance Disney’s public image at a time when the Walt Disney Company reputation is already faltering!

Will you be watching this series on Disney+ when the six-part series is released later this year?

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