While US Disney Parks Flounder, Disney Invests in British Entertainment

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It seems like Disney is looking across the pond to find more entertainment “properties” to invest in, including a popular British show.

Much has been said about the Walt Disney Company and its financial decisions recently, as well as its operational ones. In fact, activist investor Nelson Peltz has been taking the Mouse House to task and angling for a seat on the board. This particularly arose after Disney announced the candidate who would be replacing Susan E. Arnold as board chairman.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Magic Kingdom

Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

In the latest of Disney’s decision, it appears that one British sci-fi television show will be getting a budget bump, and it’s from Disney. The famous and top-rated British show Doctor Who, which Disney acquired the streaming rights to last year, many speculated that the Mouse House would also increase the show’s budget by investing in “more than simple broadcast rights outside of the UK” and would also account for Disney “funneling some of its vast, vast, vast quantities of cash into the show itself.” This news was confirmed by showrunner Russell T. Davies.

Doctor Who BBC

Doctor Who/Courtesy of BBC

But one important question comes to mind when it comes to the Mouse House’s investment decisions and entertainment properties, and it’s one we asked recently. Does Disney own too many properties? The House of Mouse currently has its fingers in so many pies because of the number of acquisitions it’s seen during current Disney CEO Bob Iger’s previous tenure.

Doctor Who

The various faces of the Doctor/Courtesy of BBC

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While it might seem like it’s helpful to own all of these properties, the fact is one of the most successful aspects of Disney’s business are the Disney Parks. Last year, while Disney lost $120 billion overall, the Disney Parks were confirmed to be one of their most successful ventures, with them even posting a profit.

But while many Guests continue to frequent their Disney Park and Disney Theme Park of choice, it’s worth noting many Guest reports detail that the Parks are not in very good shape. Rides are malfunctioning and shutting down. Cast Members are reporting issues with Guest management. Perhaps focusing on fixing their present issues before looking across the Atlantic might be prudent.

disney vacation price divide

More on Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi television show about a time-traveling alien —a Time Lord— called The Doctor who travels with human companions across time and space. In the past big names like David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Christopher Eccleston and Jodie Whitaker have played the revered role. While most of these actors played the Doctor in past seasons of the BBC Studios production, the new season will premiere at the end of 2023. The upcoming season will feature Ncuti Gatwa who will replace Jodie Whitaker.

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