After 30 Years of Disney, Guest Feels Experience is “Deteriorating”

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The Disney Parks have been on the receiving end of much criticism lately. Whether because of bad Guest behavior or because of Guests being unhappy with the state of certain attractions at the Parks. Many have been saying that the quality of the Disney experience and Disney Park experience has reduced. This unhappiness reached its height during former Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s tenure as the chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company. However, most recently, one Disney Guest shared their frustrations about their Disney Theme Park visit sharing that the Disney experience is “deteriorating.”

magic kingdom cinderella castle

“Partners Statue” in front of Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

Disney Guest u/ArtieLang took to the social media platform Reddit and shared, “The Disney experience is deteriorating.” The Guest, who has been a patron of Disney for over 30 years, shared the magic was “gone” for them. They elaborated,

The experience is in decline and the costs have skyrocketed astronomically. Overall the staff are grumpy, the smiles are forced, and there isn’t any attempt to make guests feel special. 

Like many other Guests, the OP also felt that the Disney Genie system i.e. Genie+ and Lightning Lane is “embarrassing and way overpriced.”

This was, unfortunately, not all. The Guest also added, “Not a single meal was good. We ate at Chefs de France and the $400 meal was sadly pre cooked hours in advance and kept in warming trays.”

Tusker House Animal Kingdom

Tusker House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park / Courtesy of Disney

Interestingly, while many times in the Parks, fans would agree with these negative reviews, this time, fans came to the defense of the Walt Disney Company’s Walt Disney World Resort.

One fan shared, “Yeah I have to say that’s honestly rotten luck and I’m sorry that happened! We were there the week after Labor Day and everything was so chill and we had a wonderful time.”

Another fan added, “Just went for my first time in 20 years the other week and thought it was all fantastic!! Sure the Genie+ was slightly confusing to navigate at first but once we got it, I thought it made the experience much more enjoyable. Already looking at going back next year!”


Sorcerer Mickey meet ‘n’ greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park/Courtesy of DVC Shop

However, some disagreed with these comments, bringing up the unfair wages afforded to the Disney Cast Members. U/death_cares shared, “And it’s only gonna keep getting worse if they keep refusing to pay CMs a decent wage.”

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Others also agreed with this sentiment, “THIS RIGHT HERE! So many people keep saying ‘Then the CMs can find another job”, but they are going to take the magic they create with them, and you are going to get people who are not passionate about their jobs in replacement.”

Ultimately, considering Disney CEO Bob Iger’s recent comments, it appears that the Walt Disney Company is committed to fixing recent issues Guests have faced at the Parks and things might well be on the up and up for Disney fans.

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