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Disney Promotes Controversial Lifestyle, Shocking Its Guests

rocket and sulley furry tail costumes in disney store

Many Disney fans are familiar with the Walt Disney Company and Disney Resorts’ recent visible efforts to promote more inclusivity in the Disney Parks and Disney movies (even if, according to this report, Disney still has a lot of work to do on that front in the moviemaking department).

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have made many changes recently involving gender pronouns and inclusive offerings in the Disney Parks, but now it looks like Disney has inadvertently included at least one community that the Walt Disney Company may not have intended to: the ‘furry’ community!

rocket guardians of galaxy furry costume tail in disney store

Faux fur raccoon tails can be seen below as part of an adult costume offering in this Disneyland store. Credit: Inside the Magic

In Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure, physically “furry” characters’ costumes or outfits are being sold in adult sizes.

The characters whose likenesses are being represented in adult costume sizes include Sulley from the Pixar movie called Monsters Inc. (2001), as well as the raccoon called Rocket from the Guardians of the Galaxy films and the protagonist Meilin Lee from the controversial Pixar movie Turning Red (2022).

turning red character meet

The Sulley and Rocket costumes could theoretically fit anyone — particularly the tails — but the Meilin Lee Turning Red panda costume set is specifically labeled as an adult ensemble.

Since a person wearing a fuzzy tail is often associated with members of the ‘furry’ community, it seems likely that onlookers might think of said community when seeing a Disney Guest strolling through the Disney Parks while wearing a tail.

sulley monsters inc furry costume in disney store

Faux fur Sulley monster tails can be seen below as part of an adult costume offering in this Disneyland store. Credit: Inside the Magic

This is not the first time that Disney has accidentally promoted the “furry” lifestyle; last year, Disney made the poor choice to post a “Think Furry Thoughts” sign in a store as part of a Disney Tails promotion.

Disney dress codes have been a particularly prominent point of contention among Disney Guests lately, since influencers have been sharing their dress code violations prominently on social media.

Ironically, wearing fake animal tails could be allowed in the Disney Parks, even if it did perhaps draw some attention from other Guests!

Have you seen these adult costume offerings in Disneyland stores? Would you wear a Disney costume that included a faux fur tail, in the Disney Parks or as a Halloween costume?

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