Disney Guest Gets Apology Message From Senior Disney Executive

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Temporary closures are part of life in any Disney Parks. Guests are used to occasionally dealing with these occurrences when rides malfunction or attractions close for safety checks (or in the case of longer closures, maintenance, or even rethemes). However, for such a common happenstance at the Disney Parks, a Guest received a peculiar and unexpected message when a Walt Disney World attraction was shut recently. The Guest shared a screenshot of the apology message she received when Space Mountain was closed, notably different from any they’d seen prior.

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Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

Reddit user and Disney Guest u/sarlacc98 took to the social media platform to share a surprising apology they received from the Vice President of Magic Kingdom Park, Melissa Valiquette, when they couldn’t go on Space Mountain. The OP shared that the attraction had been closed for five hours and showed no signs of reopening anytime soon.

The message asked Guests to “Pardon the Inconvenience” and followed it up with:

On behald of the entire team at Magic Kingdom Park, I’d like to apologize Space Mountain is currently unavailable. Our Cast Membes are working diligently to get the attraction up and running again, and we are sorry you are not able to experience the attraction at this time. I hope you will enjoy some of our other attractions during your experience in the park today.

Never seen this kind of message before
byu/sarlacc98 inDisneyWorld

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In the comments, Disney fans’ primary focus was the closure of Space Mountain. Many commiserated with the OP sharing how the attraction had been closed when they went as well, with some even bringing up Space Mountain in Disneyland Resort in Southern California, commending its “very smooth track / newer rockets” and Hyperspace Mountain in Disneyland Paris as well.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life, Disney’s Animal Kingdom/Courtesy of Disney

While it turns out the attraction opened up in time for the Guest to, in fact, get a chance to ride on it, this remains a different kind of apology message for the closure of a ride, though perhaps this is explained in part by the popularity of Space Mountain. Fans in the comments did clarify that this has happened occasionally when there was an unexpected outage at the Parks.

Space Mountain is back up and running at the time of publishing of this article.

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