As Disney Struggles, Advisors Reportedly Want Iger to Purchase Major Company to Dominate New Market

Disney purchase EA
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The Walt Disney Company has struggled to find its footing in recent years across all of its most lucrative markets. Once synonymous with success, the entertainment giant can no longer rely on simple brand recognition alone. Several of its most prominent franchises and films flopped at the box office, and attendance hit a record low at the theme parks over the summer. Now, it looks like CEO Bob Iger’s advisors are trying to sway the company to purchase another major business in order to dominate a new market.

Jedi Survivor EA

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Disney Purchase of EA

While it may seem like there is nothing that Disney doesn’t already control in the world of entertainment, it has one market left untapped. According to an article on Bloomberg, associates at Disney are trying to pressure Iger into making a significant purchase into the gaming market. Notably, the deputies have allegedly suggested going after Electronic Arts (EA), the longstanding and behemoth studio that has created multiple masterpieces and is iconic in the industry, particularly in sports games.

The master plan behind these pushes for Disney to purchase EA is to establish dominance in an entertainment market that Disney has only dabbled in over the years. The company has mainly licensed most of its recent games as it shut down its only studio in the past. Furthermore, EA is not a stranger to the House of Mouse. Disney has worked with them on multiple Star Wars projects over the years.

Disney and Electronic Arts

In 2012, Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm opened the door to a plethora of Star Wars games. This led to a significant collaboration with EA in 2013, granting the gaming business exclusive rights to develop and publish Star Wars games. The partnership aimed to revitalize the Star Wars gaming universe, resulting in games like Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and its sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

While this rumor is enticing, it is relevant to point out that Iger is reportedly dismissive of the idea. Establishing itself as a major player in gaming would be a costly and risky endeavor for the company, and it already has major challenges to face in its currently owned markets. However, with Microsoft on the verge of acquiring Activision Blizzard, Nintendo working with NBCUniversal, and Sony off the table, EA would seem the most likely target if Disney chooses this path.

Kingdom Hearts Frozen

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Disney’s History in Gaming

Disney has a rich gaming history dating back to the 1980s, with their first games appearing on platforms like the Atari 2600. Over the years, Disney’s involvement in gaming has seen remarkable growth. In 1995, it established Disney Interactive Studios to create and publish video games featuring beloved Disney characters and stories. However, Disney shut down the studio almost a decade ago.

One of Disney’s standout achievements in the gaming world is the Kingdom Hearts series. This unique RPG series, developed in collaboration with Square Enix, blends Disney’s cherished characters and settings with those from the Final Fantasy universe. It’s been a hit with gamers for its captivating storytelling. However, Disney hasn’t seemed to hold it in high regard, an issue that has been irksome to fans.

In 2013, Disney ventured into the toys-to-life gaming genre with Disney Infinity. This innovative game allowed players to use physical figurines to unlock in-game characters and content, spanning Disney and Pixar properties. It quickly became a popular choice for fans of all ages.

Disney has also expanded into mobile with limited success. The current popular game utilizing the company’s IP is Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, Disney has only extended its reach through licensing after shutting down Disney Interactive Studios. While this allows various developers to create games featuring characters from classic Disney animated films, Marvel superheroes, and the vast Star Wars universe, it doesn’t give Disney an actual stake in the gaming industry.

EA Library

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This rumor that Disney may purchase EA is still only a report. There has been no confirmation that the company is actually seeking to purchase the gaming juggernaut. However, it would give Disney a collection of strong franchises to incorporate into films. EA also owns Bioware, Respawn Entertainment, and other various companies. Titles like Mass Effect, Apex Legends, The SIMS, Dragon Age, and others would definitely be popular among gamers looking to go to the theater.

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