Is Disney Recording Your Resort Room? Yes, It’s a Thing

Disney Recording
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It’s no surprise that technology is all around us and what seems like a private moment may not be so private after all. With that said, is Disney able to listen in to your Resort room? Well, yes… and they are using impressive new technology to do it. BUT – keep in mind – you can opt-out. Here’s what to know!

Droid Tech
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We’re learning all the ins and outs of Walt Disney World Resort’s newest Hotel experience, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. From impressive entertainment to new food offerings, it’s an all-immersive Star Wars storytelling experience, unlike anything Disney has ever done before. The 2-night stays begin March 1, 2022, and as Disney CEO, Bob Chapek reports, it’s a mix of a Disney Cruise and Disney Resort with a whole lot of entertainment.

The experience sounds exceptional. But, of course, when someone says, “All of the guest rooms on the Starcruiser are bugged”… we start to research.

Here’s the deal. It wasn’t too long ago Disney announced they are partnering up with Amazon for a “Hey, Disney” voice assistant experience. They announced they will soon have these voice assistants located in each of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort hotel rooms to help assist Guests during their vacation.

Hey Disney
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With “Hey, Disney” you can order more towels for your room, find a place for lunch, and even ask for jokes and a message from Mickey Mouse. Disney has however noted that recording capabilities will not be available nor will personal data be collected through these “Hey, Disney” in-room devices.

Advanced voice-assistance technology is now available however at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser but in an especially unique, and highly developed droid form.

D3-O9 (Credit: Disney)

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In talking about the Starcruiser’s technology, D23 has shared, “In your cabin or suite, you can choose to interact with D3-O9, the ship’s Logistics Droid, via vidscreen and have real-time conversations about your adventures. She knows everyone and everything happening onboard during a voyage. Commissioned centuries ago by Chandrila Star Line’s founder, D3-O9 has seen the Halcyon (and the entire galaxy) evolve, so she isn’t exactly shy about sharing their history or her opinions.”

(When D3-O9 is activated by pressing the Droid Link button, recordings of sounds detected within the cabin, including voices, will be created to improve personalized interactions. At this time, D3-O9 will be only available for a limited test period.**)

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser with Chewbacca
Credit: Disney

So, yes, indeed, Disney will be listening to improve personalized interactions in your Starcruiser Resort room. You can CHOOSE to interact with this optional high-tech droid. Ultimately, you can opt-out of this service if that is your preference.

Are you comfortable with the new “Hey, Disney” and Logistics Droid technology in your Resort room? While Disney has yet to roll out a launch date for the “Hey, Disney” technology to land in the Resort rooms, the Droid system is currently available on the Starcruiser.

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