Disney Has Yet to Adapt One of Its Best Stories Into Film

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The Walt Disney Company has faced a notable challenge in recent years—a string of box office disappointments attributed to excessive reliance on sequels and an overwhelming barrage of familiar narratives. This oversaturation seems to have led to a sense of burnout among fans and a need for fresh, original content to reinvigorate the Disney brand. Interestingly, Disney has a powerful yet untapped narrative gem in its possession, one that could potentially address these concerns while honoring the company’s history of storytelling brilliance.

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Disney’s First Original Stage Musical

Looking back into Disney’s rich history, a story remains unexplored on the silver screen— Aida. Acquiring the book rights in 1994, the company initially aimed to transform this compelling tale into an animated feature film. However, a shift in priorities led to the idea of a Broadway adaptation instead. The result was a captivating musical that showcased the collaborative brilliance of Elton John and Tim Rice.

Aida is a mastercraft of storytelling and a musical that unfolds against the backdrop of ancient Egypt. The narrative follows the fateful encounter between Aida, a Nubian princess enslaved by the Egyptians, and Radames, an Egyptian captain who falls in love with her. As their forbidden love blossoms, Aida is torn between loyalty to her people and her growing connection to Radames. Amid political intrigue, societal expectations, and the specter of war, Disney would have an opportunity to shape the narrative for a modern audience while still providing a compelling and important story.

Given the challenges Disney faces today, revisiting this masterpiece might be a hidden gold mine. The story of ancient Egypt, intertwined with love, power, and sacrifice, offers a departure from the predictable sequels that audiences might not want anymore. The story’s complexity and resonating themes are already seen as a huge success, and the musical has been out of the limelight long enough to feel fresh. John and Rice also provide a familiar hint of nostalgia as they have not worked on a Disney animated film since The Lion King almost three decades ago.

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Disney Aida Movie

While contemplating a telling of Aida, Disney should recognize an invaluable opportunity to rejuvenate its narrative. Crucially, reimagining the story’s conclusion into an uplifting and child-friendly resolution would be needed if the company wanted to present it in an animated format. This is not to say the ending is bad, but it is bleak and not reflective of a Disney animated tale. Aida can also easily integrate two compelling princesses into the Disney Princess brand. Aida and Amneris would empower young girls with the strength and grace of two fantastic female characters.

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However, the project would also likely work well in a live-action format. Disney wouldn’t have to shy away from the more controversial historical aspects of the film for older audiences.

Disney should not forget its past successes in seeking new and fresh ideas for the future. Modern audiences tend to love familiar ideas that have yet to be explored in movie format. For this reason, a Disney Aida movie could work. At the end of the day, it’s a more interesting path to walk instead of forcing another Frozen story.

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