Impatient Disney Karen in a Scooter Rages Over Broken Skyliner

Disney Skyliner Karen
Credit: @abigails_stl, TikTok; Disney

Finding a Karen in the wild is always an interesting situation. However, it seems to hit much harder when the experience involves a Disney Karen. The allure of a Walt Disney World vacation is usually enough to keep people in good spirits, but some vacationers just want to see the world burn.

Recently, a Disney Karen has gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. After spending too much time in the heat waiting for the Skyliner and lacking any sort of patience, this scooter-driving woman threw an expletive-fueled tantrum at the most magical place on earth.

Karen at Disney park

Credit: Disney

The Disney Skyliner Experience

The Disney World Skyliner has been operational since September 2019. It is a convenient cable car transportation system that links various Disney resort hotels, including Caribbean Beach Resort, Pop Century Resort, Art of Animation Resort, and Riviera Resort, to two theme parks, EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

With three distinct routes, the Skyliner offers efficient and scenic transportation, providing guests with unique views of the resort and its iconic attractions. It’s designed for accessibility, accommodating guests with disabilities, and features weather-resistant gondolas equipped with ventilation to ensure comfort in Florida’s climate. However, the line to get on the Skyliner is a different story.

Frozen skyliner over hourglass lake

Credit: Disney

Disney Skyliner Karen

TikTok user abigails_stl recently uploaded a video detailing her experience with a Karen. The grumpy woman sat in her scooter and cussed excessively in the Skyliner queue after the transportation system broke down for over an hour. According to abigails_stl, the woman would not stop her impatient tantrum and was “mother f***ing everything and everyone.”

The TikTok user’s dad tried to calm the lady down by saying, “Would you ride an airplane that was broken?” This caused the entire line to cheer. However, the Karen still wouldn’t stop.


The cast members at Disney are saints! They can’t say it but I can… this lady was a Bitch! #disney #disneyskyliner #dontbeakaren #karen #language #epcot #byekaren #disneyworld

♬ original sound – Abigails Boutique

Eventually, the line started moving again. Guests scolded the lady, telling her to keep her language to herself and have some class. When leaving, the TikTok father even yelled, “Bye Karen!”

The video is in two parts, and the Disney Skyliner Karen can be seen raising her middle finger to multiple guests and shouting at them. Of course, commenters couldn’t believe someone would act like that in public, especially at Disney World.

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Without the words… #disney #disneyskyliner #dontbeakaren #karen #language #epcot #byekaren #disneyworld

♬ original sound – Abigails Boutique

Most people understand how to behave when in a crowd. Disney rides shut down all the time for guest safety. While it may be hot and annoying, there is no justification to rage against fellow guests or cause a scene. Everyone knows waiting in line is frustrating, and they don’t need constant negative reminders.

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