Disney Surprises Fans With Unexpected Disney100 Products


Since the Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary celebrations are coming to a close, many Disney fans might feel like they already know what to expect when it comes to the merchandise, souvenirs, apparel, and commemorative memorabilia that accompany a Disney Park or Disney Resort anniversary. However, for the 100th anniversary of Disneyland that is beginning as the Disney World anniversary ends, we have spotted at least one surprising collection of memorabilia!  

As part of the Disney100 festivities, the company called Nailtopia has created a special collection called the Nailtopia x Disney collection. Since Nailtopia is (as suggested by the name) a nail lacquer company, the products in this product collection are indeed nail lacquers (not to be confused with nail polish).

There are eight full-sized products in this collection, with each one being directly inspired by a different Disney character! The Disney characters who have inspired these bottled nail products are Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell the Pixie Hollow fairy, Goofy, and Pluto. This collection would work well for anyone who prefers classic Disney icons! 

This collection is now available in Ulta Beauty! The vibrantly-colored nail lacquers are vegan, and they are formulated with Vitamin E as well as other ingredients that promote nail health through hydration. According to Instagram, Nailtopia has “superfood infused each lacquer with oranges, spinach, raspberries and blueberries because they help strengthen, lengthen, nourish and harden nails,” as well. 

With their cheap price tag, they’re also ideal gifts for Disney fans — especially this Valentine’s Day!  

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Nailtopia has also shared some of the nail products that come in mini form instead of full-size bottles — although all of the nail lacquer bottles can be purchased under the “Disney collection” umbrella on the Nailtopia website. They cost twice as much on the website as they do on the Ulta website, however, coming in at $10 instead of $5!

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If you love the look of these Disney nail products, and you love the idea of polishing your nails in a Disney hue that’s inspired by Disney characters, then you’ll probably be interested in the aforementioned minis from the D23, Nailtopia, and Mickey: The True Original collection, which is available in Ulta starting now! 

This collection also bears the Disney100 logo, but it features some different characters. The chosen characters who have inspired the mini nail colors and nail lacquer bottle designs are Elsa the ice princess from Frozen, Queen Anna of Arendelle, Dumbo, Stitch, Simba, Alice, the Cheshire cat, Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh’s best friend Piglet, and Olaf the Frozen snowman. 

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Since nail lacquer that only costs about $5 is not quite as hard to find as some limited edition memorabilia from Disney events (such as the EPCOT anniversary merchandise from last year), it seems doubtful that resellers will strike quite as hard in this department by buying every bottle of nail lacquer they can find within Ulta Beauty stores. 

Time will tell, though! Are you excited about this particular line of Disney100 products?

Even though we have seen some surprising failures on Disneyland’s part so far when it comes to Disney100 preparations, there should still be plenty of fun merchandise for Disneyland visitors to enjoy during the celebration — and if you pay a visit to Ulta, you could head to the Disney Parks sporting these fun nail colors right at the start of your Disney vacation! 

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