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The popular site Reddit is a place where anybody can post, thoughts, finds, and questions. A place for those who have been put in a place where they are forced to question whether or not they are morally in the right to pose that question to the public. Or, as the forum states:

A catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher in all of us, and a place to finally find out if you were wrong in an argument that’s been bothering you. Tell us about any non-violent conflict you have experienced; give us both sides of the story, and find out if you’re right, or you’re the a**hole. 

There are many classic Disney Villains who enjoy being fiendishly evil for the sake of evil. But there are many other Disney villains who see themselves as justified in their actions. This is what a Reddit thread for those characters would look like, one where they would ask others, “Am I the Villain?” (or in short “AITV”).

The Evil Queen

(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1938)


AITV for attempting to prevent a coup of my rightful place in all the land?

I am the sole ruler of a small but mighty kingdom. I take great pride in my position as both the most powerful and beautiful maiden in all the land, and I have solely maintained this position for many years. My beauty has been independently verified by objective sources in black magic. However, these sources informed me that a certain young lady who I shall not name is growing in a way where she could one day usurp my position. I, therefore, used one of my henchmen to dispose of the girl. But proving her cunning, she seduced him with her beauty and escaped into the wood. My henchman lied to me and said she was dead, while she proceeded to take shelter in the home of several single men. I am told she even slept in their beds. She is obviously a harlot, and not worthy to be the fairest of them all. Her acts clearly suggest treachery. I may soon have to dispose of her myself- since I clearly cannot rely on any men. AITV?

The Wicked Stepmother

(Cinderella, 1950)

Credit: Disney


AITV for trying to teach my stepdaughter some responsibility?

So I’m a wealthy widow with two daughters of my own from my first marriage. My second husband died a long time ago and left me with his daughter from a previous marriage to raise. I have kept her clothed, fed, and sheltered for years. Now, both of my daughters have had years of education in things such as music to make them excellent ladies and marry them to decent men, so they are never left with nothing like I was. But my stepdaughter- let’s call her “Emma” has never really acted in a ladylike manner, as her father was very lenient with her after her mother died. I tried to teach her discipline by having her manage the household, so that she could at least be a proper maid one day. But she is continuously defiant in behavior- even sheltering vermin caught in traps in her room. She then asked to go to the royal ball- where all of the kingdom would see her. I couldn’t let her go and embarrass herself and our family- and perhaps even ruin my daughter’s prospects along with her own. So I said she could not go, unless she proved herself by properly attending to her household duties. AITV?

The Queen of Hearts

(Alice in Wonderland, 1951)

Credit: Disney


AITV for trying to keep my mad subjects and the incompetent court under control?

Long story short- I am a monarch who is in charge of a mad kingdom and even madder court. I have tried to enforce clear rules in order to manage this, as my husband seemingly cares little for his role as King. In order to maintain this relative peace, I have had to carry out several recent executions in order to prove that my word is indeed law. But my husband has recently told me that this somehow makes me a “tyrant,” whatever that means. AITV?

Captain Hook

(Peter Pan, 1953)

Credit: Disney


AITV for trying to rid my area of a local band of hooligans?

I am the Captain of a great ship with a good and hearty crew. I am very much well-liked by all of my underlings. And though I suffer from a disability, having lost a hand to a nefarious creature, I have not neglected my duties and continued to lead. We are docked in a lagoon of a small island that has several other inhabitants. Some of these inhabitants are a group of young boys who were kidnapped by their own leader- who we will call “Dan.” Dan and his boys are often making trouble and engaging in menacing activities. Most of these boys are too young to even join my crew- nary a hair on their chin yet. I have tried to track down Dan and dispose of him in order to free the island of a menace and the boys of his example, but my first mate is questioning my actions. AITV?


(Sleeping Beauty, 1959)

Credit: Disney


AITV for telling the court what an insult it was to not be invited to their party?

Okay, long story short I live in a kingdom where there was a recent large celebration in which all the citizens of the kingdom were invited. All of them that is- except for me. This was even more egregious as three of my coworkers (all of us are fairies) were Guests of honor. They knew very well I wasn’t invited and that I would be mad about it, and just hoped I wouldn’t show up. But I did. I told everyone there exactly what I thought about their cruelty towards me which was without basis, and bestowed a fitting curse upon them. I gave a curse that would deal out an equal amount of pain as they caused me. I call this justice, they call it evil. AITV?


(The Little Mermaid, 1989)

Credit: Disney


AITV for trying to teach a naive girl that her actions have consequences?

So I work in the potions and spells field, offering solutions for certain problems for anyone who is willing to pay the price. Yeah- the price is usually a heavy one, and maybe the gift isn’t all they thought it would be, but it is still their choice. So I hear about this young girl who wants something that I can give. Long story short, she liked someone her father didn’t approve of. I gave her a spell that would give her a chance to win the boy over. She signed a contract and accepted the terms. Towards the deadline stipulated in the contract, I saw she was doing surprisingly well with the boy. This was a girl who has gotten everything she wanted handed to her her whole life, total princess. I decided to teach her things do not come that easily, what I try to instill in all my customers. It may not seem fair but, AITV?


(Beauty and the Beast, 1991)

Credit: Disney


AITV for trying to rescue the love of my life from captivity?

I am from a small village, where I am something of a local hero. I am tall, strong, a prize hunter. I could have any girl in our village, but I fell for the poor daughter of an old man. She often keeps to herself, shy, and tries to hide behind books. So I knew that courting her may present a challenge. I decided to make my intentions fully known, arranging a proposal and surprise wedding (one her father could never afford), so she wouldn’t need to fret about the details. But instead of accepting, she told me she didn’t deserve me. Then one night her father left the village alone, and she later went after him. Her father came back, but she did not. When her father returned he was speaking nonsense, talking of some mythical beast taking her, consequently I arranged for him to be taken to an asylum where he could not harm himself or others. Then I discovered he wasn’t mad when my love returned and showed evidence of the monster. I offered to rescind his impending admission into the asylum by marrying her, making her and her father under my care. She refused, having been held captive and forming an affection for the thing. I obviously organized the villagers to raid his castle and kill the beast, to free her from this sickness. But she called ME the monster. AITV?


(Aladdin, 1992)

Credit: Disney


AITV for doing what I thought was best for the kingdom?

I am a very important political figure in a large kingdom. The ruler of this land is a fool with the mind of a child, though I have tried to keep him in line. His daughter the princess is a complete brat, who will not even entertain the idea of a marriage, even one which could serve the kingdom. Instead she attempted run away, then ultimately to choose a suitor disguised as a Prince who I knew to be a career criminal. My influence is strong over the king, and my wishes for the princess’ future are ultimately for the better. Yet, I am called an evil sorcerer. I do not need to use sorcery to tell when one is not fit to run a kingdom. AITV?


(The Lion King, 1994)

Credit: Disney


AITV for not wanting an irresponsible young price to take the throne?

I am the third in line for the throne in my kingdom. My brother is the ruler, and though he is far stronger than I, he lacks the intelligence for true diplomacy and the cunning ruling requires. The next in line for his throne is his young son, a boy who cares far more for the idea of being able to tell others what to do than for the kingdom itself. With the confidence my brother has in his strength, I fear he may come upon an accident. Especially since his son is so foolish, and he would likely follow the young fool into any danger. I might have to see things take their natural course sooner rather than later. Just to ensure the right one is on the throne. AITV?


(Hercules, 1997)

Credit: Disney


AITV for expecting mortal souls to honor their contracts?

So awhile back me and my brothers had the opportunity to rule over all. One got the sky, one got the sea, and one got the underworld. That’s me. I take souls where they need to go and occasionally make deals with those who are willing. An important job, sure. But I’m not really as seen as the other big guys. So I figure hey, if it is chance that landed me at the bottom maybe chance could put me on top eventually. I consult some friends, who tell me it’s possible if I get rid of my oldest brother’s kid. Fine, I send the minions (and I’m sure you can see where this is going) kid’s alive. I find this out way down the road- couple of years, and figure- hey ladies can do more damage than minions at this state. So I send this girl, one of the best for your standard seduce and sabotage. But now all the sudden she says she caught feelings and she is refusing to continue with it even though I literally OWN HER SOUL. So I have to use her as bait. AITV?

Dr. Facilier

(The Princess and the Frog, 2009)

Credit: Disney


AITV for helping the little guy?

I’m just a poor voodoo man from down south, who has some friends on the other side and some tricks up his sleeve. All I ever wanted was a position in life above my current station that matches with my abilities. Well, one day this foreign prince comes to town, got cut off by his parents, and now spends his time traveling and womanizing. He’s got this lackey. I can tell right this guy is a good mark, clearly resenting the young royal he serves. I make a deal with him, simple spell. I use my connections, they switch bodies. One gets freedom, one gets good looks. I get the cash. Everybody should be happy. But the man didn’t follow the one direction I gave him. Now I may owe debts I don’t know how to pay and I am not happy. AITV?

Mother Gothel

(Tangled, 2010)

Credit: Disney


AITV for wanting to protect my daughter?

I am a loving adoptive mother of a girl on the cusp of becoming a woman. She simply does not understand the dangers of the world and has these silly romantic notions. I keep her safe in a home far away from the dangers of the real world. Until one day a bandit comes and steals my daughter away while I was out fetching her a gift for her birthday. When I found her I discovered she had run away and even thought romantically of the scoundrel. So I had to show her how harsh the world can really be. AITV?

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