“An Absolute Nightmare” Guest Rallies Against Frustrating Disney Park Experience

Disneyland decline
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You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. While the Walt Disney Company has enjoyed decades of praise and admiration, many guests are becoming jaded with the entire theme park experience. As the cost of visiting Disney parks worldwide rises to extreme levels, people have begun to notice the cracks in the magic. One guest recently reached their Disney park experience breaking point and wants to rally parkgoers around the world to their crusade against the beloved vacation destination.

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Disneyland Resort Ride Breakdowns

Disney has always pushed the boundaries of technology in developing attractions for its theme parks. Over the years, Disney Imagineers have come up with some truly astounding rides and experiences. However, as the world has advanced, it seems that the park might not be able to ensure consistent performance of its more elaborate rides. Disneyland Resort in California began its rise to fame with simple, slow-moving attractions that easily move along a track. However, today’s guests expect a lot more spectacle.


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Social media has increasingly become used by Disney park fans to vent about their current experience when visiting their beloved vacation destination. Instances of ride breakdowns have become all too common. One user on the r/Disneyland subreddit has had enough and wants people to join them in calling for a change from Disney. They stress that the profitable company should be ashamed of how it treats its Disneyland Resort guests nowadays. They believe that Disneyland is in decline.

I know people say this a lot, but recently the quality of life for guests at the park has become absolutely unbearable. Even glancing at the map at this moment, there are three major rides that are broken down. As a Magic Key holder, I cannot imagine how horrible it must be for people who travel here and visit for a day or two and miss rides they want to go on because they’re all broken.

We shouldn’t be accepting how badly Disneyland treats their guests
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Guest Breaking Point

The parkgoer took particular issue with the popular Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction in Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland. The ride apparently broke down three separate times over the course of one afternoon. Several of these instances involved evacuating guests from the line, causing many to lament losing their place and having to start over once the ride reopened. Furthermore, several other major attractions also saw long periods of downtime on the same day. This user has called for action, requesting other Disneyland visitors to voice their opinions to Disneyland’s Guest Services and demand a change.

I’ve reached my breaking point. I’ve spent my entire afternoon in the line for Rise of The Resistance after it broke down THREE separate times while in the standby line today. Every time it reopened I went back and got in line, and it broke when I got to the front of the line. The second time it broke down they made us evacuate the line, so we all lost our places.

As paying customers we really should be voicing our opinions much more often and much louder. I sent an email to guest services this evening, which by itself won’t do much. But if we make ourselves heard by increasing how often we complain, maybe that could bring meaningful change. Next time you experience a breakdown at Disneyland or California Adventure I recommend you give feedback by emailing them at

What Is Happening?

Responses on the subject were mixed. Some people claim that Disneyland Resort has been overcrowded lately. To them, this negatively affects the guest experience more than ride downtime. Others blamed poor guest behavior as the culprit for attractions shutting down.

Interestingly, a user responded that newer rides are breaking down more than older ones because Disney has difficulty attracting and retaining high-quality engineers because they pay 50% below market rate.

Rise 2019 and Indy 1995 break down more than 1955 attractions.

You are correct about guest behavior. It also is correct that 50% of the time it is the ride breaking down itself and a lot has to do with the massive turnover during Covid and their inability to attract and retain high quality engineers at pay rates that are 50% below market rate.

Source: Friend is an engineer and looked into it. He wanted to work for Disney and laughed his ass off at what they offered.

byu/CruisinBen from discussion

Disneyland in Decline

Disney has been under fire by critics lately who have grown tired of the company’s current state. The cost of admission to its theme parks has priced out a lot of its target market, and many are starting to seek alternatives to the once cherished vacation destination. This reality is not unique to Disneyland Resort either. Popular attractions have also seen consistent breakdowns or malfunctions at Walt Disney World in Florida, and visitors are noticing. Attendance has decreased, and guests are unhappy with the lightning lane experience or higher costs.

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Disney’s public image is not as tightly praised as in the past. With the rising popularity of competitors such as Universal Studios, the company can no longer skate by brand recognition alone. People are paying a ton of money to visit the parks, and if these major attractions can go down three times in one day, the parks’ reputation will continue to deteriorate. If it were an isolated issue, this user’s call to action would be seen as excessive. However, ride breakdowns actually have become way more frequent, and poor product leads to poor results. We definitely don’t like to hear about a Disneyland in decline.

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