Donald Trump Mug Shot Gets Disney PhotoPass Treatment

Disney Trump mug shot
Credit: Fulton County Jail, Disney

Social media can be a wild place sometimes. The official mug shot for former president Donald Trump has been breaking the internet since it was released late Thursday by the Fulton County Jail. As the first criminal mug shot ever taken for a former United States president, this is obviously a historic event with some major emotional reactions on both sides of the fence. However, this hasn’t stopped the internet from providing the world with a bit of much-needed humor. Naturally, this means the Donald Trump mug shot has been given the authentic Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots treatment and is spreading laughter online.

PhotoPass Family Photo

Credit: Disney

Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots

Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots are a beloved feature in Disney theme parks, providing visitors with unique and fun photographs. These special shots transform ordinary photos into magical moments by adding animated Disney characters or whimsical elements. They’ve gained immense popularity because they bring an extra dose of Disney magic to cherished memories.

Magic Shots allow guests to interact with their favorite Disney characters, such as The Lion King‘s Timon and Pumbaa or The Mandalorian‘s Baby Yoda, in a whole new way. PhotoPass cast members ensure guests react to a certain spot where a character will appear in post-production. This helps in creating unforgettable keepsakes that can be purchased and shared.

Iago Magic Shot

Credit: Disney

Several years ago, one of the more popular Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots involved placing Aladdin‘s Iago on the shoulder of guests. The grumpy bird glared menacingly and sternly, which naturally lent itself well to Mr. Trump’s mug shot. And that leads us to the main event.

Donald Trump’s Disney Magic Mug Shot

Donald Trump mug shot Iago

Credit: @GoAwayGreen, Twitter/X

Twitter user How Bowers (@GoAwayGreen) uploaded Donald Trump’s mug shot, complete with the Disney PhotoPass Magic Shots Iago perched on his shoulder. The former president and parrot sport a similar expression, so the internet has been having a field day with it. Bowers included a humorous comment poking fun at the high costs of Disney while also saying this made it worth it.

It costs a little bit extra to get the PhotoPass package with Magic Shots, but it’s totally worth it.

Comments and likes praised giving Donald Trump’s mug shot the Disney PhotoPass treatment. Many found it hilarious and a genuinely awesome way to utilize the service to get laughs. “I cackled. Genius,” said one response. Another made a reference to Trump’s expression resembling a Disney villain.

He’s trying his best Disney villain.

Donald Trump’s Legal Predicament

Georgia’s Fulton County district attorney, Fani T. Willis, has been leading an investigation into Donald Trump and his allies regarding their alleged interference in the 2020 election. Recently, an Atlanta grand jury indicted Trump and 18 others, accusing them of orchestrating a “racketeering” scheme to overturn the election results in the county.

The former president turned himself into Fulton County Jail Thursday evening, leading to the publicly posted mug shot. Trump has stressed repeatedly that the indictment has no merit and he has done nothing illegal. He also faces several other indictments, one being Federal and another in New York.

The internet can create some extremely silly things. While the air surrounding these criminal charges is volatile, many people got a laugh out of this seemingly innocent creation. Hopefully, Trump doesn’t give Iago any crackers. We all know he hates them!

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