‘Encanto’ Retheme for Disney’s Tower of Terror?

encanto tower of terror
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We don’t talk about…Encanto rides at Walt Disney World.

It’s been a few years since the Disney fan-favorite animated movie was released and Bruno was introduced to homes worldwide, but we still have no confirmed details of when the Madrigal family will be getting their own Disney theme parks attraction.

With rumors swirling about upcoming refurbs, would Disney try to cater to the fanbase of one of its biggest animated movies with a retheme of a beloved attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park

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There have been a lot of “blue sky” ideas bouncing around from Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro lately for the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme parks.

There have been talks of retheming Dinoland to Marvel’s Wakanda, Pixar’s Coco (2017), or Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones as well as a future expansion plan for Magic Kingdom beyond Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that would be “the largest ever for the park.” There are amazing new projects at the international Disney Parks too, with World of Frozen in Hong Kong Disneyland and a Zootopia-themed land in Shanghai.

Disney recently announced the company was making a significantly expanded Disney Parks and Experiences investment, which would involve plans to “accelerate and expand” theme park spending to roughly $60 billion over approximately 10 years.

So what does this mean for current Disney attractions? With continued rumors of an Encanto ride (2021) coming to the Walt Disney World Resort, will it be in Dinoland or will it be somewhere more…iconic?

Encanto Family

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Encanto ride for Hollywood Studios?

The Tower of Terror is a classic attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, sending guests 13 floors down an elevator shaft into The Twilight Zone.

The Tower of Terror is synonymous with scares and “the glitz and the glitter” of Hollywood, full of references back to the television series starring Rod Serling. With its spooky library pre-show and creepy lobby area, it is one of the most popular Lightning Lane thrill rides at Disney World, but now, could the famous ride be the setting for an Encanto attraction?

We’ve already seen Disney Imagineers turn the Disneyland Resort Tower of Terror into Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!, with actors like Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana reprising their famous Marvel Studios roles.

Tower Of Terror

Credit: Disney

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hints

Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek and song-writer Lin-Manuel Miranda were apparently in talks for an Encanto ride to appear at Walt Disney World, with Miranda claiming, “I know there’s a world in which this casita lives in a theme park and we get to actually walk through it in real life.”

And with the surprise loss of Splash Mountain recently, we wouldn’t be surprised if Tower of Terror is next.

Think about it. The attraction building, complete with Morocco theming to tie in with the EPCOT theme park’s World Showcase, is a good fit for the Madrigal family’s Casita. The whimsical home from the Lin-Manuel Miranda movie is full of moving parts and beautiful colors, of all which could very well suit the architecture of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

The 13-story elevator drop could become part of the magic personality of the Encanto Casa Madrigal, pulling guests through the numerous doors of each family member – Alma, Pepa, Julieta, Bruno, Dolores, Camilo, Antonio, Isabela, and Luisa.


Credit: Disney

The Tower of Terror’s hotel lobby could be transformed by Disney Imagineering into the ground floor courtyard of the Casita, with the ride taking guests on a journey through each character’s room. Each bedroom door in the movie depicts its inhabitant using their respective gift carved into the wood, emitting a golden glow down to the doorknob.

And just like the Guardians version, we’re sure you’d hear music as the elevator dropped. We could expect to hear the movie’s famous earworm songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “The Family Madrigal” as characters Mirabel and Bruno appear in the Walt Disney World Resort attraction.

The Tower of Terror attraction has many incarnations across Disney’s theme parks, but all feature the thrilling elevator drop. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, the Hollywood Tower Hotel is located on Sunset Boulevard and currently takes guests on service elevators featuring Twilight Zone host Rod Serling. Guests at Tokyo DisneySea and Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris also enjoy different versions of the attraction, while in Disney’s California Adventure, it’s the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy version.

Of course, we’re only speculating about the future of Disney World and an overdue Encanto ride, but it will be interesting to see where Mirabel and the family appear in the theme parks.

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  1. No! Encanto is currently the hype but even then the hype has died since its release. Tower of terror is a classic with the film being a classic to this day. The film needs to be released on more platforms worldwide as it can be hard to find. Please at least keep a few classics.

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