EPCOT is Empty Per Latest Guest Reports

epcot empty

Even though the holidays at the Disney Parks get overcrowded, recently, a Guest shared a surprising photo of EPCOT being almost completely empty.

The Central Florida  Walt Disney World Resort and the Southern California Disneyland Resort are two of the best places to enjoy a Disney vacation. The Disney magic is strong with these two Disney Resorts, and in particular, in each Theme Park fans can frequent. Whether it’s Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World or Disneyland Park, and Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland Resort, devoted fans flock to the Parks to get their taste of the Disney experience. 

EPCOT Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth/Disney

However, there have been multiple reports of how busy and crowded the Disney Parks have been during the holidays. Frequenting the Parks during the holiday season is undoubtedly a memorable experience like no other, and many Guests enjoy the opportunity to do so. However, contrary to what is expected for this time of the year, one Guest, u/BethyW, took to Reddit to share how empty EPCOT was recently.

A rare empty day at Epcot today. Good weather and walk on rides. from WaltDisneyWorld

While this might seem like a rare occurrence, some Guests shared that this was more common than fans believed. U/raeina118 shared,


It’s almost always like this in the morning. Frozen right now(noon) is 75, Remy 50, Soarin 50, TT 45. Almost all the parks are pretty slow in the mornings, but Epcot is always wildly empty even on busy days until booths start opening.

We’re local APs but we always got the 1st or 2nd week of Dec for a longer trip bc in the past its been empty. We did the 1st week this year and it was pretty slammed compared to normal.

If you want to ride a lot of rides rope dropping is the way to go.

magic kingdom disney world

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World/Disney

Many Guests also added that this made a lot of sense, considering the Guest appeared to have been there prior to 11 a.m. when most rides in the Parks opened. U/zestyrigatoni said, “I was in Epcot last week and the countries are pretty empty early in the morning and then fill up at 11:00 as the festival stands begin.”

Regardless of whether this is a common happening, it’s certainly rare to see a Disney Park this empty, and it’s a sight to take in nonetheless.

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