Fans Have Mixed Feelings About The Hulk At A Disney Park

hulk disneyland resort

Fans are now taking to social media to share their thoughts about seeing The Hulk at a Disney Park, and the reception is mixed.

Disney’s D23 Expo brought a lot of news to Disney fans about upcoming projects, blue sky expansions, new releases and trailers for movies, and most importantly, new character meets and greets. From the teasing of Mando and Grogu at Disneyland Park to the Hulk coming to Disney California Adventure Park, D23 certainly brought its share of good news to fans.

Hulk, Avengers Campus

The Hulk at D23/Disney

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At the Disney Parks panel, “A Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences and Products,” hosted by Josh D’Amaro, the Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, fans got their first look at the Hulk. Now, fans are taking to social media to share their live interactions with the character at Disneyland Resort.

u/EntertainmentOk4802 shared the photo to Reddit. Check it out:

The Hulk was at Avengers Campus today from Disneyland

Some users like u/tora76 who saw the Hulk in person thought it was “pretty impressive.” But while it should simply have been an exciting event, many fans were a bit disappointed with how the character turned out, and felt that Walt Disney Imagineering should have done a better job.

u/kinglucent disagreed with some of the comments, “This costume gives them an excuse to cover the face. I think Disney Imagineers could have come up with something more…incredible than this.”

Avengers Campus concept art

Disneyland Resort Avengers Campus: Disney

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u/LH_duck seconded this opinion, saying this was the least favorite look that Disney could have gone with for the Hulk. Fans even got into a heated debate about which costume the Hulk should have been featured in and, how the costume was ruining the immersion of the experience.

u/Fenig provided, ” I do absolutely understand how it can seem jarring, but try to look at it from the perspective that they found a way to bring The Hulk to campus, and it’s the Smart Hulk/current Hulk, not the smashy one. Bruce Banner walking around would just be another awkward adult male in khakis and a polo.”

All in all, it appears that The Hulk is absolutely causing waves amongst Disney fans.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to report on Disney news as it comes to light.

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