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Disney Reveals Film That Will Replace ‘Snow White’ Release

Inside Out 2 replacing Snow White
Credit: Disney/Canva

Despite the controversy surrounding Disney’s live-action remakes, the company is continuing to push forward with more remakes than ever. While some people have issues with all of them, regardless of the story, there are some that face more of an uphill battle than others. One of those remakes is¬†Snow White, which will star Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot.

For months, fans have been demanding that Disney cancel the remake altogether. With all the issues the film was facing, they wanted Disney to shelve the project.

disney snow white rachel zegler

Credit: Rachel Zegler, Instagram

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It seemed as though Disney might have been having second thoughts when, on October 27, Disney announced that it was delaying the release of Snow White by more than a year. The film, which was originally supposed to be released on March 22, 2024, will now be released on March 21, 2025.

A HUGE Change In Disney’s Slate

Snow White¬†was not the only movie that experienced a major change at Disney. The House of Mouse also announced that it was delaying the release of its newest film from Pixar,¬†Elio. Disney and Pixar Animation Studios were planning on¬†Elio¬†being Pixar’s major release that could help them rebound from a string of recent failures.


Credit: Disney

Here’s more on Elio from Disney and Pixar:

For centuries, people have called out to the universe looking for answers‚ÄĒin Disney and Pixar’s all-new movie¬†Elio, the universe calls back! The original feature film introduces Elio, an underdog with an active imagination who finds himself inadvertently beamed up to the Communiverse, an interplanetary organization with representatives from galaxies far and wide. Mistakenly identified as Earth’s ambassador to the rest of the universe, and completely unprepared for that kind of pressure, Elio must form new bonds with eccentric alien lifeforms, survive a series of formidable trials and somehow discover who he is truly meant to be.

Elio Abduction

Credit: Disney

Elio was originally supposed to be released on March 1, 2024. However, it is now slated to hit theaters on June 13, 2025.

Disney’s New Summer Hit

With both Elio¬†and¬†Snow White¬†experiencing significant delays, that had many wondering, “What will Disney do?”¬†The answer to that lies in a highly anticipated sequel.

On June 14, 2024, Disney will release its first major film of the year —¬†Inside Out 2. Disney first announced the Inside Out sequel at the D23 Expo in September 2022.


Credit: Disney/Pixar

Disney/Pixar released¬†Inside Out in 2015, telling the story of Riley, a young girl going through a ton of emotions as she adjusts to a new life, new school, new everything. However, instead of focusing on Riley, the movie focuses on the emotions in her head — Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear.

Inside Out¬†starred Amy Poehler as Joy, Lewis Black as Anger, Mindy Kaling as Disgust, Bill Hader as Fear, and Phyllis Smith as Sadness. Kaitlyn Dias provided the voice talents for Riley. And we can’t forget to mention Richard Kind, the voice of Bing Bong, Riley’s childhood imaginary friend.

Inside out

Credit: Disney/Pixar

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According to Disney, Inside Out 2 will follow Riley as she goes through the confusing and intense change from pre-teen to full-blown teenager.

We don’t know much more about the film, but we do know that Poehler will return as Joy, Smith will be back as Sadness, and Black will be back as Anger. Diane Lane will also return to voice Riley’s mom. Sadly, Mindy Kaling and Bill Hader will not be returning as Disgust and Fear.

inside Out

Credit: Disney/Pixar

Disney has also confirmed that the movie will feature some brand-new emotions!

Inside Out 2 will be written by Meg LeFauve, a writer on the original film. The new sequel will be directed by Kelsey Mann, who has worked on a number of Disney/Pixar movies including Lightyear, Onward, and The Good Dinosaur.

Snow White: A Film Mired in Controversy

From the beginning, some had issues with Zegler’s casting because she is half-Polish and half-Colombian. Unfortunately, Zegler has only made things more difficult for herself. The¬†West Side Story¬†actress seems to be constantly criticizing the original story, even going so far as to call the Prince a “stalker.” She also voiced a number of issues with the original story. She said that her version of Snow White would be more modern and have more autonomy over her choices.

Rachel Zegler

Credit: 20th Century Studios

Then, there was the picture leak, showing Snow White surrounded by men of varying heights. That threw fans into a tizzy, having them worried that Disney was “going woke” and changing a major part of the original story. Those images were not official images of filming.

What do you think of Disney delaying¬†Snow White’s¬†release? Are you excited to see¬†Inside Out 2? Let us know in the comments!

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