These Are the Items You Should Always Pack for a Trip to Disney World

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You’re about to embark on a magical journey to none other than Walt Disney World Resort! And with all the excitement, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed in considering what to pack for the trip. Even if you think you’ve covered all the essentials covered, you may be overlooking some very important, albeit overlooked, items you’ll find an unforeseeable need for along the way. While there is some variation among different people in what is vital to bring for a vacation, here are 13 items you should always have on your Disney World packing list.

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13. Appropriate Clothing

This may seem like a no-brainer. You’re, of course, planning on packing enough clothes for your trip. But are you packing the right kind? Sure, you’ll be in the heat of central Florida, but be mindful of that little thing called air conditioning. From my personal experience, a frigid AC blasting at several indoor locations such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, shops, and even aboard shuttles can really get me shivering. That’s why I always make sure to bring at least one sweater, hoodie, or something else I can wrap around myself at such times.  Also, do take note if you are vacationing at Disney World during the colder months. Winter at Disney World may be warmer than what you’re used to at home (depending on where you hail from), but that doesn’t mean you can’t count on cooler temperature drops, especially at night.

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 12. Emergency Poncho

In continuing on with knowing what to plan for in regards to unpredictable Florida, the weather is the acknowledgment that spur-of-the-moment rain showers and sudden, unexpected thunderstorms are always a very real possibility. That’s why you should always be ready by packing a convenient, compact rain poncho to have on hand in anticipation of such occurrences.

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11. An Extra Pair of Shoes

If the rain does end up getting to you, and the poncho did well to keep most of you dry, there’s always that matter of wet shoes to contend with. Rather than going through the hassle of waiting for your shoes to dry (either by sunning on the patio or opting for the dryer at your Resort), why not just slip into another pair for the time being? That’s why you should never limit the shoes you bring to just one pair.

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10. Swimsuit

Every Disney Resort features its very own pool or series of pools onsite. And for most Guests, swimming is definitely on the list of must-do Disney experiences to take in. Just remember to pack your swimsuit.


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9. Toiletries

While it’s true that Disney Resorts provide all those wonderful-smelling complimentary H20 soaps, shampoos, and lotions in every hotel room, sometimes you just need larger quantities. This is especially true if you’re vacationing with a big group. It just makes sense to pack your own toiletries. And you can’t forget about all those other personal essentials as well, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and anything else specific to your own maintenance.


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8. Hair Care Items

Everyone has their own hair care needs, so it’s important to pack all the specifics you’re going to be needing throughout your vacation. While Disney Resort rooms do supply hairdryers, you’ll want to handle bringing the needed combs, hairbrushes, hairbands, and any hairspray or styling gels you use daily.

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7. First Aid Essentials

Nobody ever wants to think about the potential of needing first aid during a Disney vacation, but it’s still convenient to have all the essentials packed and ready, just in case. Even minor items like band-aids, alcohol wipes, and blister removers (which you may find you need after all that walking) are necessary. You may want to pack any medicines you or your party use frequently, including prescription medications you can’t just run down to your Resort’s shop to pick up. Other essentials to consider include painkillers, stomach relief medications, and motion sickness preventatives.

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6. Sun Protection

The Florida sun can be a lot of fun, but it can also be rather harsh. Some people don’t even consider sun protection unless they are lounging by the pool or on the beach. But just remember that you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, between visiting Disney Parks, shopping at nearby Disney Springs, and pursuing numerous other magical experiences. So be sure you pack what you normally would when venturing out in the direct sun. Sunblock is absolutely crucial. Many folks also benefit from wearing hats and sunglasses as well.

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5. Hand Sanitizer

Germs are all around, and you’re bound to be doing much touching throughout your trip. While Disney has installed many more sanitizing stations in recent years, you can’t always assume that they will all be filled or in working order at any given time. That’s why you’d do your best to bring your very own portable hand sanitizer with you to use when you need to.

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4. Multiple Printed Copies

Despite an increasingly technologically dependent world, I find that taking the good old-fashioned route of printing out physical copies of all my reservation numbers and overall itinerary details works best. I record all details into one easy-to-follow document. Then, I print out multiple copies, supplying each party member with one and even packing various others in my luggage, carry-on bags, etc.

Disney Itinerary print outs

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3. Cellphones/Chargers and Adaptors

Because cellphones and other smart devices are such a dominating part of our lives today, many of us would feel totally helpless if we were to run out of battery power while on vacation or forget to pack such items altogether. Remember, this is likely your go-to source for accessing your My Disney Experience app throughout the duration of your trip. That’s why you need to be sure to pack your phone, charger, and any outlet adaptors you may need (especially if you are an international traveler). Another consideration that I strongly recommend is a portable charger. Who wants to lose all the juice in their phone early on in a daylong outing, not having the energy you need for photo ops and memorable video recordings?


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2. MagicBands

If you, like so many others, ordered your MagicBands well in advance of your trip, be sure to pack them. Sure, you can get them once you arrive, but it’s far more convenient to have them beforehand. Remember, these hold the magic to basically all of your Disney endeavors.


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1. Money

We can all agree that bringing the needed cash, credit, or other means, you plan to pay by are absolutely imperative to any vacation. And when going to a place like Walt Disney World Resort, it goes without saying that you’re going to want to bring far more than you even think you’ll need. It’s no secret that things can get pretty pricey at Disney, but that’s the cost of a priceless, magical experience.


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To reiterate what we said in the beginning, there is some variation to what each vacationer feels is essential to bring on a trip. And then all those intricate extras suit individual needs on a highly personal level. For instance, I always bring contacts and glasses since I am a wearer of both, and I always bring books for the plane ride and to keep myself occupied while waiting at the airport. All the same, I wouldn’t list these as essentials for all folks to consider.

Just remember, even if you do accidentally forget to bring a much-needed item or find a need for something you never even considered, in most cases, you can get just the right stuff onsite within the range of Walt Disney World Resort or at a nearby Orlando-based location.

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