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In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, it was revealed that Jordan and Ellie had “exchanged custom vows outdoors at the stroke of midnight on the back courtyard of the Cinderella Castle before celebrating their new union with a pared-down reception”. Even though wedding receptions typically involve lots of eating and dancing, “the newlyweds simply shared a romantic first dance and cut into a multi-tier wedding cake before being whisked off in a vintage car down Main Street to Fisher’s song, “Happily Ever After,” which he recorded for the Magic Kingdom Park”. That all sounds wonderfully magical to us, especially since Jordan and Ellie have a lifelong friendship that has made their romance that much stronger–and to top off the Disney princess romance of it all, Jordan reminisced about the event with just as much enthusiasm as if it had happened yesterday!

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“It was beautiful”, he told D23 with a dreamy sigh. “It was exactly what we wanted it to be, to be honest with you. I mean we had another wedding planned, in Hawaii, it was much larger in terms of attendance…it [was getting] bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and then when the Hawaii opportunity was shut down [due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic] and we kept pushing dates and pushing dates and eventually my friend Tony Shepherd gave us a call and said ‘hey, we’re gonna figure something out. Give me a day– I’m back in the office now…call you in a day’. So he did and was like ‘here’s what we can do, so that you’re not stressed about it anymore, and we can make it happen. The Park [is] shut down, we’ll get you and your guests in eleven or so, we’ll have a dinner beforehand — it’ll be a late-night thing–and you’ll walk down the aisle at 12:01 am.'” 30 loved ones attended, and Jordan emphasized that he “got to make eye contact with every individual that was there”.
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He also shared “the best piece of advice that [he] got time and time again”, which was to take “any opportunity you have during the day to really just like take inventory and soak in your environment, soak in the people that you’re around, make a lot of eye contact, hug a lot of people, just really soak in the day. It goes by like that [snaps fingers]”. And “it really does,” he added wistfully. “I promise. That day, it just flew. We played in the Parks all day, had some dinners, I went back [and] took a little nap, made sure my vows were right, got dressed, all of a sudden it was eleven o’clock and we were like ‘oh, we’re getting married!’ This big vacation that we’re taking with all of our best friends and our closest…most immediate family also has a purpose. We have to get married tonight. Let’s do it”. Disney always pulls out the stops for its Guests, and it seems like Jordan and Ellie were not disappointed by their wedding night. “It legitimately felt like a vacation and we also just happened to get married,” Jordan commented happily. “Because we felt married, for a long time. We’d been in each other’s lives since we were kids.” We loved hearing more details about these two lovebirds’ happy and romantic Disney Fairy Tale Wedding; what about you?

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