More Issues: Fountain Breaks on Disney Property

disney springs fountain break

Disney’s been having multiple issues with maintenance lately, and now this fountain breaking can be added to the list.

Visiting Walt Disney World, whether Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, is always an experience to write home about. Any Disney Theme Park is a great place for a Disney vacation and is the perfect place for a magical Disney experience.

But lately, there have been more than a few issues being reported.

Disney Springs/Disney Parks Blog

Disney Springs/Disney Parks Blog

Just recently we reported on the malfunctions of animatronics in rides, the state of attractions like Journey Into Imagination, and bad behavior at the Disney Parks from Guests. Now, there is another update of another breakdown of a different sort: a fountain broke in the Disney Springs area of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Reddit user u/Pr3historic took to the social media platform to share the photo.

Check it out:

The fountain in Disney springs broke today from WaltDisneyWorld

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People in the comments were trying to work out what happened, and how the fountain had come to break. Some even ventured as to what Disney would do going forward.

One commenter, u/CMDR_omnicognate, said,

Wonder if it had something to do with the hurricane, maybe it already had some wear and that weakened it even more… sorta looks like the fountain doesn’t have any sort of reinforcement, no steel or a waterproof coating or anything so the water probably just seeped through it and damaged the structure… but I’m no engineer or anything

I just hope it actually gets fixed rather than just closed off for a year.

World of Disney/Disney Springs Hotels

World of Disney, Disney Springs/Disney Springs Hotels

Some commenters took the opportunity to take a shot at controversial Disney CEO Bob Chapek. One, u/Silicon_Knight, mentioned, “Knowing Disneys CEO Bob Cheapskate I’m sure it will shortly be replaced. …. with a fern.”

u/jcbw3 added, “I was thinking a handsome potted cactus wearing a sombrero.”

All of this said, here’s looking to the quick fix of this fountain.

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