Mystery Man Appears on Cinderella Castle

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If the events surrounding the Walt Disney Company in recent months have been anything to go by, it’s safe to say that Disney Parks are full of surprises for visitors. Now, a particularly unexpected sight has presented itself to Disney Guests in the form of a Cinderella Castle trespasser!

A Disney Guest noticed a man walking around on one of the highest parts of Cinderella Castle, in full view of onlookers who were visiting the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. Check out the mystery man in the TikTok video shown below!

It is not entirely unreasonable to surmise that the man shown in the TikTok video could be a Walt Disney World Resort employee — such as one of the members of the pyrotechnics team who work on the fireworks that take place every night above Cinderella Castle.

However, because Disney Guests have gotten such a bad rap lately for misbehaving in a variety of ways (including fistfighting, breaking Disney property, abusing Disney Cast Members, and using social media to disturb other Guests), the prospect of a random Walt Disney World Resort Guest somehow sneaking into a staff-only portion of Cinderella Castle is no longer out of the question.


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TikTok user Karen Summerton is the one who shared footage of the man descending some Cinderella Castle stairs. The man was exiting an area that is pretty high up in Cinderella’s Castle — and is usually reserved for the Peter Pan fairy Tinker Bell, who often makes a dramatic flight at the end of Disney Park Days.

This individual shown in the video does not seem to be wearing normal Disney Cast Member clothing, which does seem to suggest that he is not a Disney employee.

Cast Members fun

Disney Cast Members and Disney Ambassadors. Credit: Disney

Someone from Disney’s pyrotechnics team might not have been required to wear a certain outfit while at work — but since Walt Disney World Resort operations are typically seamless when it comes to moving employees around without exposing them to Guests (especially in the Utilidor), it seems odd that a Disney employee would be allowed to work on Cinderella’s Castle in full view of Disney World Guests.


The Utilidor is a series of tunnels and establishments underneath the Magic Kingdom. This series of passageways is used to transport employees in between Park locations and to allow Magic Kingdom operations to run without disturbing Guests’ “Disney Magic”. Photo Credit:

Have you ever seen anyone intruding on iconic Disney landmarks like Cinderella Castle or the other Disney Castle (known as the Sleeping Beauty Castle) — such as this TikTok user, who chose to deliberately sneak into a restricted area in order to gain more followers and views?

Cinderella Dream Suite

The Cinderella Dream Suite is a VIP Cinderella Castle Suite that Disney celebrities are occasionally allowed to use. Credit:

Have you learned any fun behind-the-scenes facts about Cinderella’s Castle — or the VIP Cinderella Castle Suite that is also known as the Dream Suite, and has been visited by Disney celebrities?

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