‘Parent Trap’ Actress Defends Her ‘Evil Stepmother’ Character In Hilarious Video

villain meredith blake the parent trap

For many fans of classic live-action Disney films or Nancy Meyers rom-coms, The Parent Trap is a particularly memorable film. The 1998 movie, which was a remake of the 1961 Hayley Mills movie, focuses on twin sisters who were separated at birth after their parents’ divorce and who begin an eleborate plan to reunite their family.

In both films, an ‘evil stepmother’ (or potential stepmother) poses a threat — and the actress who played the villain in the more recent adaptation has a lot to say about her character’s experience in the movie!

the parent trap

The original 1961 Parent Trap film starred Hayley Mills. Credit: Disney Movies

Elaine Hendrix played the antagonist Meredith Blake in the movie opposite Lindsay Lohan (who was a Disney darling at the time and played both twin sisters, Hallie and Annie). Since Hallie and Annie were focused on reuniting their parents, Mereidth posed a threat — and therefore had to endure a lot of pranks that were set upon her by the twins.

Most of these antagonistic pranks happened when the trio embarked on a camping trip to bond before Meredith’s marriage to the twins’ father Nick Parker (played by Dennis Quaid).

parent trap

Elaine Hendrix played the girls’ future stepmother Meredith Blake, while Lindsay Lohan played Hallie Parker and Annie James. Credit: Disney

Elain Hendrix incorporated the “he’s a 10 but” trend that has been popular on social media recently. The trend essentially focuses on memes or social posts that say a certain person is a 10 (meaning a desirable individual), but follow the statement with a comical comment about said person’s negative traits.

In this case, Elaine Hendrix had a lot to say about why Meredith Blake’s fiance Nick Paker was a “10,” but had some flaws. “He’s a 10,” she wrote, “but he had twins he secretly separated at birth when he broke up with their mother and didn’t tell you about it until the twins discovered each other at camp and swapped places to try to get their parents back together. And you not so accidentally run into all of them at the same hotel right before your wedding, so you go on a camping trip to get to know one another, but you’re not a nature girl and the twins know it.”

parent trap

Elaine Hendrix played the girls’ future stepmother Meredith Blake, while Lindsay Lohan played Hallie Parker and Annie James. Credit: Disney

“So the little brats put rocks in your backpack, a lizard on your head, sugar water in your mosquito repellent, and push your air mattress into the lake while you’re sleeping,” Hendrix continued. “So you lose your sh*t, threaten to ship them to boarding school in Switzerland, and throw a ring at his head. And you’ve never looked back. ”

The TikTok video was in celebration of the 24th anniversary of The Parent Trap.

Elaine Hendrix is also drinking Parker Winery red wine in the video, which is the name of the vineyard that her beau Nick Parker (played by Dennis Quaid) owned in the movie!

The Adele song “Easy On Me”, which focuses on a woman requesting that other people take it easy on her, is playing in the background of the video too. “Happy 24th Anniversary,” Hendrix wrote in the video’s caption.


Happy 24th Anniversary. #hesa10but #meredithblake #theparenttrap #wine #vinyard #elainehendrix #fyp

♬ Easy On Me – Adele

You can check out the video above to see Elaine Hendrix’s funny anniversary celebration! Did you feel bad for Meredith in the 1998 movie?

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