Reflecting Back on Day Two D23

Reflecting Back D23 COVER

In wrapping up the second day of the weekend-long D23 Expo, we got a lot of new announcements on upcoming Entertainment. We also learned plenty of fascinating facts across the board regarding Disney insight and backstories. Here are just a handful of some of today’s highlights.

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Marvel Reveals

Earlier today was really about Marvel, and we saw a lot of “marvelous” new details drop during this second day of D23. From all-new trailers and teasers that were just released to updated announcements in casting and directing for upcoming projects, you’d have to be an Avenger to keep everything straight. But it was unquestionably the opening live performance of Rogers: The Musical that blew it all out of the water!


Credit: D23

‘Indiana Jones 5’ Details

We learned firsthand about the upcoming fifth installment in the popular Indiana Jones film franchise. It was none other than the film’s star Harrison Ford, who gave us final confirmation live and in person at D23. During his expression of eagerness and excitement in reprising his famed role once again, the actor got a little emotional for all of us to see!

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A Web of Enlightenment

During the MARVEL COMICS: Celebrating 60 Years of the Amazing Spider-Man presentation, even the most diehard Spider-Man fans gained valuable new insight into and his storied history. Several fun facts were revealed, including the fact that characters Uncle Ben and Aunt Mae made comic book appearances even predating the Spider-Man Storyline. It certainly was a web of enlightenment that fans of all ages thoroughly enjoyed. And the complimentary comic giveaway to audience members was an extra special touch.

Spiderman cover 2

Credit: Marvel

Good-List Quality Reveals

We must have been on the “Good List” because we were also gifted with all-new details about the upcoming continuation to the Santa Clause franchise starring Tim Allen. It was great to see a couple of familiar faces along with new ones who will be along for this latest North Pole-based saga, which will be streaming on Disney+.

A Zootopia+ Sneak Peak

Another delightful reveal we were treated to was an exclusive first look at the new Disney+ spinoff series which will expand upon and focus more on the backstories of some of the “lesser” characters to appear in the Zootopia film from 2016.


Credit: Disney

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Tomorrow will be the grand finale day for D23, and we can’t help but be hopeful that they have saved the best for last!

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