shopDisney Update: Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop Gets Her Own Doll

hailee steinfeld hawkeye

Hawkeye character and Marvel comics character Kate Bishop might not be a Disney princess, but she’s getting the Disney princess treatment on the online Disney store ‘shopDisney’ anyway with her own special edition doll!

kate bishop doll hawkeye


It’s no surprise that the character Kate Bishop has gotten a new doll in her likeness because the Hawkeye character has been popular with Marvel fans (albeit perhaps not as popular as the sister of Natasha Romanoff named Yelena Belova, who is played by actor Florence Pugh, or as popular as the two characters’ famous mac and cheese scene in the TV show) and the Oscar-winning Kate Bishop actress Hailee Steinfeld is also a celebrity who has a sterling reputation.


Hailee Steinfeld at the Academy Awards in 2017. Credit: Pinterest

The doll is sporting Kate Bishop’s signature outfit (or superhero costume, some might call it), as well as her bow and quiver of arrows. The doll’s facial features also resemble actor Hailee Steinfeld’s facial features, including her famously thick eyebrows! This special edition Hawkeye doll retails on shopDisney for $49.99; although this Marvel special edition action doll isn’t quite as high-quality as some of the Disney Designer Collection Disney princess dolls, who have rooted eyelashes to make them seem more lifelike and who wear couture designs, this Kate Bishop doll still includes plenty of details.

kate bishop doll hawkeye


kate bishop doll hawkeye


The Marvel doll has rooted hair, silk printed clothing, molded black boots, and a detailed belt with a thigh holster. The Kate Bishop doll is also “fully poseable”, and she does have rooted hair to help make this doll more realistic as she represents “the rebellious woman who finds herself on a collision course with her idol Hawkeye in the Marvel Studios series”.

The comedic chemistry and inner strength demonstrated by Marvel comics character Kate Bishop during her time with Clint Barton (who was played by Jeremy Renner, and who is also known as Hawkeye or Ronin) in the Disney+ series was definitely a highlight of the Marvel show, so you can see that strength represented in the doll’s design!



This Kate Bishop doll is also the first doll in a new collection of Marvel special edition action dolls that the online Disney Store is launching “in collaboration with Marvel Studios”! shopDisney shared the news on Instagram, saying that “your shot to bring home the Kate Bishop Special Edition Doll is here!”.

Do you like the look of this Kate Bishop doll inspired by the character on the Marvel TV show, or are you holding out for some new additions to the Disney Designer Limited Edition Doll collection for the Ultimate Princess Celebration?

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