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‘Ahsoka’ Replaces Anakin Skywalker with Hated ‘Star Wars’ Character

Star wars dark side Anakin

Ahsoka is replacing Anakin Skywalker, the most important figure in the entire Star Wars franchise, with a character that fans are already rejecting. Star Wars has been struggling in recent years, to say the least. Lucasfilm seems to have transformed one of the biggest box office draws in cinematic history into a streaming-only television franchise, and fans have increasingly been ...

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Disney Announces Exciting Brand-New Star Tours Addition

ahsoka star tours

Josh D’Amaro (the Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products) has enthusiastically shared during Destination D23 that a relatively-new Star Wars character is about to do a whole lot more than just star in her new Disney+ show. Ahsoka Tano will be joining the Star Tours world in the spring of 2024 — and not just at Hollywood Studios in Disney ...

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Lightsaber Battles Feature in ‘Ahsoka’

ahsoka d23

D23 this year featured Jon Favreau who took to the stage to give the audience some special details about Ahsoka. There have been multiple exciting announcements from D23 this year, and especially so from Lucasfilm who gave us a new trailer for Andor, a new trailer for an upcoming shorts series ,Tales of the Jedi, and also took to the stage ...

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Star Wars Shorts Featuring Baby Ahsoka, Count Dooku Backstory Coming to Disney+

Baby Ahsoka Disney Plus

The Creators of The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch are at it again for another epic animated peak into the prequel era of a Galaxy Far, Far, Away! The project is called Tales of the Jedi, and it will be a series of shorts that explore how our favorite Star Wars heroes and villains became the characters we know and love today. Lucasfilm released a ...

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‘Andor’ Teaser Trailer Is Released


Star Wars fans have been spoiled lately as more and more content from a galaxy far, far away has headed towards Disney+ — and now the next Star Wars Disney+ Original Series is getting closer! The series Andor is on its way this summer, and the teaser trailer for the new show was just released . Watch the brand-new teaser trailer for #Andor, streaming ...

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‘Ahsoka’ Actress ‘Can’t Be Trusted’ With ‘Star Wars’ Secrets

rosario dawson ahsoka tano

Rent actress Rosario Dawson has joined the Star Wars universe as “alien Force-seeker Ahsoka”, a character who has previously only been represented via animation (and voiced by Ashley Eckstein) — and apparently, the actress is finding it difficult to stick to Star Wars-level secrecy while filming her character’s TV series! In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Rosario Dawson admitted that ...

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Star Wars TV Shows Ranked Worst to Best

With many new Star Wars TV shows on the horizon, there’s no better time to look at what’s currently available to stream on Disney+ where the faraway galaxy is concerned. We have plenty to look forward to, but we also have plenty to keep us busy while we wait. In fact, there are nine shows if you include the vintage ...

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