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PHOTOS: San Fransokyo is Coming to a Disney Park

san fransokyo d23

Announcements abound at D23. Disney Park and Big Hero fans are soon going to get their very own San Fransokyo. The D23 “A Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences and Products” panel has fans incredibly excited with all the updates and news it brought. The panel began with Disneyland Resort updates, from Grogu and the Mandalorian coming to the Disneyland Resort, ...

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‘Baymax!’ Review: Disney Doubles Down on ‘Divisive’ Content–We Can’t Just Have Fun Anymore

Baymax Disney Plus Review

Animation Rating: 10/10 Comedy Rating: 9/10 Story Rating: 5/10 Family-Friendly Rating: Debatable Overall Score: 7/10 Yesterday, another highly-anticipated series dropped on Disney+ that left this reporter disappointed. Once again, the creatives at Walt Disney Studios have figured out a way to ruin what was supposed to be a fun show for the whole family in a way that was as ...

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Disney+ Update: ‘Baymax!’ Series Gets Release Date

Baymax Disney Plus

It appears there is some Disney+ series news that does not involve the MCU or Star Wars. Disney’s Big Hero 6 spinoff animated series, Baymax! finally has a release date. According to an update on Disney’s streaming service, the series will debut on June 29, 2022. Aside from the trailer seen above, there has been little to no word on the streaming series since ...

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