“Pretty Cheap and Lazily Done” Fans Criticize Disney’s Latest Offering

San Fransokyo Bridge criticism
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Disney has long been revered for its ability to transport visitors to amazing worlds and immersive experiences within its theme parks. However, the recent unveiling of the San Fransokyo transformation at Disneyland’s California Adventure park has left some fans feeling less than immersed. While the land itself is a promising addition, complete with beloved characters and delectable treats, the San Fransokyo Bridge has become the subject of scrutiny and disappointment.

san fransokyo d23

Credit: Disney

Disneyland Resort’s San Fransokyo Square

The San Fransokyo Square, a vibrant and bustling recreation of the fictional city from the acclaimed film Big Hero 6 (2014), opened its doors to eager visitors on August 31, 2023. One of the standout attractions is the Hamada Bot Shop, where fans can interact with Hiro Hamada and Baymax while exploring Big Hero 6 inventions. The San Fransokyo Maker’s Market also offers a treasure trove of unique collectibles.

Aunt Cass Café tantalizes taste buds with its assortment of bakery goods, including freshly baked bread bowls filled with comforting soups. Nearby, Rita’s Turbine Blenders serves up refreshing margaritas and beverages, adding to the culinary diversity of the area.

Disneyland San Fransokyo

Credit: Disney

San Fransokyo Bridge Criticism

Despite these exciting features, the crown jewel of San Fransokyo Square, the San Fransokyo Bridge, has fallen short of expectations. Fans have taken to social media platforms like Twitter to express their disappointment, citing issues such as misaligned panels, missing screws, and visible marks left by the installers. Such glaring quality concerns are difficult to ignore for visitors who pay a premium price for admission to Disney parks.

One Twitter user said, “I don’t want to tear apart and criticize someone else’s work, but when Disney charges $160+ for theme park admission, I think it’s fair to nitpick shoddy work.” Indeed, the high cost of admission to Disney parks carries an expectation of impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

While it’s common for theme park attractions to undergo post-opening adjustments and maintenance, the bridge’s condition has raised eyebrows. Some fans question why Disney chose to open the area to the public with such glaring issues, suggesting that it might have been rushed or poorly executed.

I took these this past Sunday during Oogie Boogie Bash. This is unacceptable.

This is not the first time in recent memory that these quick fixes have appeared in a new Disney offering. When the Disney Wish cruise ship launched in 2022, early passengers also noticed that it looked like Disney wasn’t ready to launch the ship. Twitter was full of images showcasing missing panels and experiences that were far from finished. While the ship is now complete and beautiful, it started out rough.

Disney’s San Fransokyo Square is a promising addition to its theme park portfolio, offering fans a chance to step into the world of Big Hero 6. However, the glaring quality issues with the San Fransokyo Bridge have left a bitter taste in the mouths of some visitors. The criticism highlights the importance of maintaining high standards in theme park experiences, especially when visitors pay a premium price for admission. Disney may need to address these concerns to ensure that the magic and attention to detail the company is known for are consistently delivered in all aspects of its park offerings.

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