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Bob Iger Ignores Criticism, Significantly Raises Ticket Prices for Disney Theme Parks

Disney World is pricing families out

In recent years, the Walt Disney Company has come under fire for continuing to price out its intended audiences. The cost of getting into its theme parks has soared drastically in the past decade, leaving many fans wondering how anyone can afford the costly vacation. With CEO Bob Iger back in the driver’s seat, park visitors expressed their desire not ...

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Disney-Loving Child’s Fundraising Campaign Is Threatened Due to Child Labor

Cam Johnson selling lemonade to raise money for a Disney World trip and a photo of Cinderella Castle

It’s no secret that Disney World vacations have gotten more and more expensive (not to mention “insanely” difficult to plan) in recent years, and that many Disney fans have to consciously save up for their Disney Park days. According to The Mirror, one eight-year-old boy in Alabama was trying to save up for a Disney trip by selling lemonade at ...

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Fan Accuses Disney of ‘Robbing’ Guests After Spending Thousands


It will be no surprise to many Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests to hear that the Walt Disney Company and Disney Parks have been facing many complaints about high prices — even after former CEO Bob Iger has returned and the much-maligned CEO Bob Chapek has left the role. One TikTok user and influencer named Summer Reign ...

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Disney Guests Face Another Price Increase

rise of the resistance price

Disney Fanatics and frequent Disney visitors have been dealing with multiple announcements from the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks this week in relation to the increase in Disney prices. When multiple announcements are made, it can be easy to overlook some of the less blatant shifts in pricing — such as this change to not one, but two Star ...

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Disney Increases Two More Prices in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

disney star wars prices

Disney is increasing its prices once more — and this time, Disney is going into another galaxy for the increases! We already saw recently that Disneyland increased its ticket prices, with as much as an 11% increase in cost per Guest, and that Genie+ has increased its prices as well. Now, Disney has also quietly increased the cost of two Star ...

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Disney Guests Confess That They’ve Snuck Children Into Parks

family sneaks child in stroller to avoid disney prices

Disney Guests have been shockingly divided in recent months, as some Disney Guests have become disillusioned with their Disney experience in Walt Disney Company destinations like Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort while others have used their Disney vacations to descend further and further into inappropriate behavior (including fistfights and jumping onto Disney rides). Now, it seems like there ...

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More Disney Fans Question Prices

disney fans price

More and more fans are questioning whether the Disney experience they get is worth the recent price increases. Disney has been finding itself at the center of controversy after controversy as its been reopening from the pandemic. Whether it’s for the price rises, the controversial Genie+ system, or the bad behavior of Guests at the Parks, fans are simply not ...

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Disney’s Enormous Price Rise is “Inevitable”: Executives

disney price rise

Amidst complaints and unhappiness with the soaring Disney prices, Disney executives say this price increase is inevitable. Disney World vacations are an expensive choice, which has begun pricing more and more sections of people over the years. The issue has only worsened recently; now, Disney executives have shared their thoughts on the matter. While much has changed with the Disney ...

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Family Prepares to Pay $1,000 Per Meal at Disney

radford family disney

It is no secret to Disney fanatics and frequent Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort visitors that prices have increased for anyone who is visiting a Disney Park or a Disney Resort. Some Disney fans have actually renounced Disney because of the price increases (among other things). Still, one British family is determined to visit Disney despite the high ...

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