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Prized Mickey Pumpkin Returns to Disney Store

mickey mouse pumpkin jack o' lantern

Judging by this Disney Fanatic’s temper tantrum over a giant autumnal Mickey Mouse product and the popularity of this new Mickey Mouse fall mug, it seems safe to say that many Disney fans like Mickey Mouse pumpkins — i.e. pumpkin merchandise or decor that is shaped like Mickey Mouse. One particularly popular autumn highlight for Disney fans has been the ...

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Disney Brings Back Full Parade

boo to you parade

Walt Disney World Resort has been slowly but surely bringing back plenty of attractions and experiences that had been present in the Disney Parks before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic began, but now a particularly significant milestone has been reached in the Disney Resort’s return to ‘normal’! The autumnal Boo-To-You Disney parade has come to Walt Disney World Resort, and according ...

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Disney Decorates Magic Kingdom for Halloween Party

mickey's not so scary halloween party

Summer might still be in full swing, but the Cast Members in Walt Disney World Resort are already hard at work transforming Disney’s Magic Kingdom to suit some fall celebrations! Journalist Ashley Carter has shared images from the Walt Disney World Resort’s famous theme park, the Magic Kingdom, revealing that the Magic Kingdom is putting on more and more of ...

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This Disney Channel Star Has A Bathroom You Have To See To Believe

As autumn settles in and winter begins its approach, many Disney fanatics will be drawn to cozy blankets, comforting drinks, and warm baths. If you need advice on how to pull off the most hygge bath experience ever, then Disney Channel actress and Broadway star Vanessa Hudgens is definitely the one to ask! The actress (who most Disney fans or ...

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Looking For Comfy Indoor Activities? We’ve Got the Perfect Suggestions For Disney Fans

As the days darken earlier and Rapunzel‘s favorite “summer breeze” becomes a bit less balmy, Disney fans are bound to start yearning for hibernation. After all, is there anything better than being comfy under thick blankets with a warm drink, reading an exciting book or enjoying the company of loved ones? We don’t think so, and neither do lots of ...

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Seasonal Celebrations At Home: A Guide to Having Awesome Autumnal Disney-themed Celebrations

Well, it’s autumn and that means change is in the air. All around us, fall festivities are already in full swing. Halloween is looming up ahead and Thanksgiving will soon follow suit. Perhaps you’re not looking forward to the shifting seasons and the coming cold weather, which is eminent for many regions across the country. And maybe, just maybe, you ...

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Wearing An Intense Costume For Halloween? Here’s How To Protect Your Skin For the Night, According to Disney and Marvel Actors

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re a Disney Fanatic in the mood to wear something Disney or Marvel-themed, it’s safe to say that there are some pretty dramatic costume options. We’ve got easier and lower-maintenance options for you too (like this one, this one, or this one!), but if you’re determined to wear a strong costume with lots of ...

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Already Starting to Hibernate? Here’s How to Usher in the Colder Seasons Disney-Style

We get it. The days are gradually starting to get darker, the breezes are getting colder, and you’re finding yourself inexorably drawn to your fluffiest, most comforting blankets. Sure, it may be a little early in autumn to achieve a ‘full-on hibernation’ state of being, but who can blame you? After all. Disneyland is already preparing for the holidays, and ...

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Disney Has A New DIY For You To Try This Autumn

Autumn is slowly beginning to appear on the coattails of summer, and Walt Disney World is definitely ready for the season! Although most people associate fall at the Disney parks with Halloween celebrations, Disney World’s 50th anniversary means that there’s going to be a lot of special decor going up in the parks before October 1st. One autumnal Disney staple ...

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Top Planning Tips for Your Disney World Trip in the Fall

Halloween October

9. Resort Hop If you love taking in the fall and Christmas décor around the parks, you will love what you will find at many of the resorts! This can also be relaxing on a cool, fall day when it’s too cold for the pool, but you need a break from the parks for an afternoon. 10. Discover Fall Merchandise ...

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