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Critics Believe “Woke” Hollywood Remakes “Deserve to Fail”

hollywood woke remakes disney

Critics writing for the outlet Fox News insist that the new, “woke” Hollywood remakes coming to market “deserve to fail.” The topic of the “woke agenda” has been hot for months now. Audiences have remained divided on whether studios in Hollywood are unnecessarily pandering to a woke audience or if they’re truly representing diverse viewership and acting to create a ...

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DeSantis’ Overzealous Victory Dance: Is Disney Really Defeated?

DeSantis more popular in Florida than Disney

You would have to look hard to find someone without knowledge of Florida’s dramatic ongoing legal cage match. Governor Ron DeSantis has been at odds with The Walt Disney Company over clashing beliefs on major social issues. This is a fight for the history books, and neither one is backing down. As tensions rise between the conservative leader and the ...

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Parents Allegedly Force Son Into Princess Party to Avoid “Heteronormative Stereotypes”

disney princesses in wreck it ralph

In a satirical article on a British website called The Upper Lip, a presumably-fictional couple was attacked for forcing their young son into a Disney princess birthday party. “He hated it,” the parents supposedly said, “but we feel better knowing we haven’t propagated heteronormative stereotypes.” “Woke” Disney This is not the first time that we have recently seen Disney Adults, ...

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‘We’re Not Safe Here.’ Another Company Joins Disney in Suing Florida Over ‘Anti-Woke’ Laws

Another company joins Disney in suing Florida over "anti-woke" laws

Companies in the state of Florida are starting to get nervous. They are looking around the business and political landscape and are hearing from their employees, and it is beginning to make some companies nervous. When the Walt Disney Company spoke out against Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, very few companies joined them. Related: Disney is ...

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Question: Has Disney Really Changed Since It First Began?

disney wokeness

A lot has been said, written, and insisted upon regarding the Walt Disney Company. With Disney suing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (and DeSantis’s board then counter-suing Disney), the story of the National Guard being sent in to block entrances to Disney World, and the general criticisms of “wokeness” that have been hurled at the Mouse House, whether with respect to ...

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Disney Receives Bad Grades On Its Inclusivity ‘Report Card’


Many people — including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — have accused the Walt Disney Company (and specifically Walt Disney World Resort) of being “woke” or overly progressive in its policies. However, there is at least one institution that actually doesn’t think that Disney is up to snuff in the progressive or inclusive category! Instead of calling Disney “woke”, as anyone ...

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Disney World Faces Backlash After Failing to Remove Offensive Tweet


The Walt Disney Company and its Disney Parks or Disney Resorts have developed a bit of a reputation as a “woke” establishment — particularly in Florida, where Walt Disney World Resort has consistently been at odds with Florida politician Governor Ron DeSantis — but apparently, even “woke” Disney can still offend people! The Walt Disney Company has gone through a ...

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Local Marching Band Faces Off Against Disney World

walt disney world vs venice high school marching band

A local Florida high school recently stood up to “the powers that be” at Walt Disney World Resort, turning down the opportunity to perform when Disney put an ultimatum in place: hide the mascot on their band uniforms or be uninvited from their scheduled Walt Disney World performance (which was set for November 12). Venice High School’s mascot, the Marching ...

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DeSantis Strikes Twice: Signed Bill Could Prohibit ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’ at Disney World

DeSantis Disney World

As the news broke that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the legislation terminating Disney’s special district in Central Florida, it should also be mentioned that he signed another bill into law that could potentially put a large part of The Walt Disney Company’s “Reimagine Tomorrow” initiative in jeopardy–at least in Florida. On April 22, surrounded by teachers, parents, and schoolchildren, ...

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