What is the Tasia Alexis-Disney Channel Connection?

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A report that crops up semi-frequently is making the rounds again, and naturally, we at Disney Fanatic jumped in to dig deep into the story and bring the real news.

In the age of social media and influencer culture, the term celebrity has gained many different meanings. One no longer needs to necessarily be a scientist or creative professional like an actor or singer. Many have found social media stardom through making entertaining videos, whether through the old social media platform Vine or TikTok and Instagram.

One such former influencer has cropped up in search circles again. Recently, Tasia Alexis’s name has resurfaced online for her comments about her Disney Channel past, with fans wondering where she is now and what she’s up to.

If you’re one of those fans, buckle down because we have answers for you!

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Who is Tasia Alexis?

Some might be wondering who Tasia Alexis even is. Well, Tasia Alexis, or Tasia Alexis Hussey, is a former Vine star and celebrity Instagram star. She now has a large TikTok platform and shot to internet fame for her smart and funny videos.

Alexis Hussey had more than 3.6 million followers on Vine and became popular on Instagram as well, earning over 800,000 followers. She is, to date, one of the fastest-growing Vine celebrities. Alexis Hussey is also known for performing with Alexander Holtti at the House of Blues in Los Angeles in June 2014. She has also created her own merchandise line called Goregousss By Tasia Alexis.

Tasia Alexis has two younger brothers named Ashton and London, and their parents are named Jamie Hussey and Leah Hussey. She and her husband have a daughter named Greenly Harlow.

So, what does Tasia Alexis have to do with Disney?

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What Connection Does Tasia Alexis Have With the Disney Channel?

In order to understand the Tasia Alexis Disney Channel connection, we had to dig a little deeper. It all traces back to a joke the young Instagram star made back in the day.

Back in 2014, Tasia Alexis made a few posts on Instagram implying that she was going to be on a Disney Channel show, as some of her fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share:

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Another commenter observed that it was unlikely Tasia Alexis would be signed with Disney, considering the nature of some of her Vine videos:

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In addition, Tasia Alexis made a TikTok in 2022, which had fans questioning once more whether she previously worked on a Disney Channel show. Here’s what happened.

A user commented on one of Alexis’s videos, stating, “You look insanely familiar but I cannot place you!”

Responding to this user, the social media star revealed that she once starred on a Disney Channel show. In the video, she said: “I am actually from Disney Channel. I went from Disney Channel to prison.”

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For those wondering why Alexis found herself in prison, per HITC, it was for “forgery and possession of methamphetamine.” Alexis was 20 years old at the time, and she has revealed that she was in jail for eight months.

So, Did Tasia Alexis Feature on a Disney Channel Show?

Of course, it goes without saying that 2014 and 2022 rumors notwithstanding, Tasia Alexis never actually featured on the Disney Channel or worked with the Walt Disney Company. These were just rumors circulating about the internet that never actually came to fruition.

Now, Tasia Alexis Hussey, per her own admission, has stepped away from her Vine-making days and personality and is interested in focusing on living a more peaceful life inspired by her Christian faith.

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