These Are the Disney Characters You Want to Have A Holiday Gathering With

Disney In Winter
Disney In Winter

The season for festive gatherings with family and friends is once again upon us. And for the self-proclaimed Disney fanatics among us, we can all proudly admit that there are several notable Disney characters we would love to count as personal friends of ours and even share in a holiday celebration with. From those that make parties lively to the ones who are famous for dishing up the works, we’re listing some of the many characters we would love to have in attendance at an upcoming holiday gathering.

16. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

All of the above protagonists of the 1937 animated classic of the same name make for much desired party guests (even Grumpy). We see them at it even within the film, with all their dancing around and true fellowship with one another. And let’s not forget Snow White’s exceptional pie-making skills, which are enough to earn her high praise as the optimal party host.


15. Hundred Acre Wood Friends

Winnie the Pooh and all of his fellow friends living in the Hundred Acre Wood make up of one of the cutest communities of companions that Disney has ever produced. They all get along, help each other out, and truly define what it means to be neighborly. These are the friends you want to get together with for a community-wide potluck or to celebrate an upcoming holiday. Rabbit can bring homegrown goodness, Kanga can host with her impeccable skills in the home and kitchen, and Pooh can sweeten things up by supplying the honey.


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14. Toy Story Toys

Here is another group of would-be inanimate playthings known to bring life to any party scene. But take note, you’ll only get the full benefit of their party presence if you yourself happen to be a toy and are able to commune with the gang personally. That’s not to say their presence won’t bring you pleasure in the traditional sense. After all, there’s just something about a cluster of toys that would make any kid (or kid at heart) want to gather them all up in arms and set out a table for all in attendance. And let’s not forget the fun of dancing around to some really great music—in this case, most likely a Randy Newman tune.


13. The Muppets

The Muppets are another diversely delightful ensemble sure to liven up any celebration. As an altogether fun bunch, they bring plenty to any party scene, most of all via their wide-ranging entertainment and never-ending antics. As for the celebratory feasting, the Swedish Chef will take care of all the details.

Muppets Disney


12. A Wreck-It Ralph Ensemble

By now you’re probably starting to notice the very obvious pattern here; playthings that bring such joy to children make exceptional party companions. But in this case, we’re looking at the cast of thousands to be found in video games rather than plush toys or physical figurines. When you see the diverse interactions of the interactive characters in the Wreck-It Ralph franchise, you can’t help but wish you were a part of their exclusive interconnectedness. Wouldn’t they be a fun bunch to party with?

11. Moana’s Village

Not everyone can make the claim that everyone in their community works together and helps one another out for the greater good of all who are involved. But the village that Moana’s family leads, guides, and oversees is one that succeeds by endowing a mutual respect for all of its members. Everyone has an important role to fulfill and each person matters to everyone else—a true extension of family that looks out for one another. Isn’t this the kind of setup we all wish we had? It would make for the ideal block party, especially during times of holiday celebration.

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10. The Robinson Family

In Disney’s 2007 computer-animated movie, Meet the Robinsons, the film’s orphaned protagonist ventures to the future where he is in the presence of what can only be referred to as a very different (in a good way) kind of family. From their very unconventional at-table antics to the fact that each person in attendance has their own set of unique attributes, the most important thing that becomes evident is that they all care about one another and have each other’s back no matter what. These are definitely the kind of people you want to have at a get together celebration of any kind.

9. Frozen Friends

Even though Elsa and Anna have a lonely, strained relationship for most of the first Frozen film, the many follow up shorts and eventual sequel reveals that the two sisters have mended their little family. And with the welcoming companionship of new friends and a community now at peace with the fact that their queen yields icy magic, all appears to be unified now more than ever before. That aside, you have to admit that Elsa’s frozen follies really do make her a standout guest at any winter party. And with Olaf’s positive go-with-it mood, he’s always a lovable hit with crowds.

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8. Genie

Can anybody deny that this magical being from Disney’s Aladdin isn’t a fun guy to have around? And because he has limitless power (almost) there’s no end to the fun times he can scrounge up. That being said, he’s definitely someone you want to have leading a celebration of any sort. From entertainment to providing a delicious feast, leave it all up to Genie and he’ll take care of all the details.



7. An “Incredible” Family

The Disney-Pixar computer-animated hit The Incredibles, along with its follow up sequel really get to the root of celebrating family. Leave out the superhero details, which would obviously come in handy in hosting a get together, and you have the core essence of being together, supporting one another, and most importantly appreciating one another. Aren’t these the kind of people you want by your side when celebrating a holiday?

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6. Merida and Her “Brave” Clan

Brave is another family-themed collaboration from Disney-Pixar. In this case you have your fair share of family banter, adolescent/parent clashing, and altogether teamwork in coming to a resolution and coming out stronger than ever before. And we can’t overlook the fact that our featured family focus happens to be a group of royal rulers who are no strangers to fine fare and feasting. And we can all admit, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we’d be in our glory to take part in one of the banquets they’re liable to produce.

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5. The Castle Staff

Speaking of castle-based banquets of sorts, we can’t forget about that iconic dinner feast Belle got to enjoy in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. That being said, it’s undeniable that the enchanted castle staff has a stellar reputation for hosting spectacular celebrations with all the works, from fine feasts to nonstop entertainment.

4. Remy and Linguini

Most people wouldn’t want a rat in their kitchen, especially when hosting a holiday feast. But if that rat happens to be Remy of Disney’s Ratatouille, that changes things a bit. And if he keeps his unassuming post, tucked away under the hat of Linguini—his human chef alias of sorts, none of your guests would ever be the wiser. They can just chomp on, gorging on scrumptious culinary mastery, and pay their compliments to the “chef” you have invited to host the grand event.

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3. Tony and Joe

Don’t overlook this dynamic dinner duo from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. After all, it’s their culinary mastery paired with their musical serenade that leaves the deepest imprint on the memories of viewers. Aren’t these the kind of guys you want to have taking care of your holiday celebration?


2. Tiana

This titular princess of Disney’s The Princess and the Frog is undoubtedly one of Disney’s best chefs ever. Cooking is her livelihood as both a profession as well as a passion that extends beyond the workday and really guides her in the ultimate dream of one day opening her own establishment. So you know you’ll be taken care of if you have her hosting your celebratory event. And being such an amiable, likable girl on top of all that makes her the ideal friend you want to have by your side, partaking in all events.

Princess Tiana makes her famous beignets in Princess and the Frog. Photo Credit: Disney /

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1. The Fabulous Five

We can’t forget about Disney’s iconic Fab Five—an elite group led by Mickey Mouse, which also includes Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald Duck. The group admittedly extends far beyond just these top five alone, though. All the same, we can all agree that partying with Mickey and friends is something we all want to do on any occasion and anytime of the year. After all, isn’t that the primary reason so many of us visit Disney Parks?

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We can continue on with a whole host of other Disney characters we’d like to party with, but these are the top picks that come to mind. In truth, any Disney character (villains excluded) would likely be a welcome guest to have at a holiday celebration. We can’t deny that each and every one brings forth his or her own potluck contribution of Disney magic.

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