These Are the Quick Service Restaurants You Need to Try at Disney Springs

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Disney Springs has no shortage of versatile dining options, ranging in many different formats across the board. Whatever it is you crave, you can seemingly find it here…even those more exotic options you probably didn’t even expect.

Some come to Disney Springs looking to sit down to a long and lavish leisurely meal. Others, however, are constantly on the go trying to tackle all the unique shopping venues and entertainment experiences to behold. But shop-centric individuals get hungry too and remain on the constant lookout for quality filling fare along the way. And lucky for them, there are plenty of popular venues boasting quick-service offerings all throughout Disney Springs that do more than just fit the bill; they excel in convenient classic cuisine renditions in absolutely admirable ways. Here are 12 of the most popular quick-service restaurants with visitors to Disney Springs.

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12. Basket at Wine Bar George

By now, you’ve probably heard about the phenomenal wining and dining experiences you get to enjoy when you come to Wine Bar George. But for those who are a little short on time, there’s a great existing quick-service option connected to this very same impeccable venue. It’s a little counter-service sub-division on a location known as the Basket at Wine Bar George. Done up in a way that keeps the art of picnicking firmly in mind, here visitors may find a series of grab-and-go selections, ranging from snacks to light bites. There’s even an option for building your very own custom picnic basket for a minimum starting price of $60. Given the quality and availability of the versatile selections presented here (not to mention drink pairings) this is a definite hit.

Basket at Wine Bar George

Credit: Kristen K./WDW for Grownups

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11. Earl of Sandwich

This restaurant chain, like many other suggestions on this list, is not exclusive to Disney Springs. But it still remains one of the most beloved sandwich stops to make while out and about Disney Springs. That’s because the sandwiches here truly go above and beyond on every level. Whether you come seeking a hot sandwich specialty or a cool classic, all selections come presented on freshly baked artisan bread loaves and feature premium ingredients.

The menu isn’t only limited to sandwiches, though. Folks looking for something else will find satisfaction with alternatives that include soups, salads, wraps, pizza-style breads, and many other choices. They are also known for some unique house specialty takes on fountain drink classics, like their raved about Earl Grey Lemonade.

Earl of Sandwich

Credit: Disney

10. D-Luxe Burger

In addition to sandwiches, burgers are popular picks, with most folks looking for a quick, convenient accompaniment as they go about their day at Disney Springs. And there is arguably no better place to grab signature burger presentations than at D-Luxe Burger.

Here you will find all your burger basics done up way beyond anything basic. Even all those well-known classics get served up with exemplified quality and colossal presentations, whether it be a cheeseburger or something else entirely. But it’s worth noting that they also feature a vast array of unique house specialty concoctions as well, including their renowned Barbecue Burger, which comes as two pressed meat patties, topped with fried onion rings, Muenster cheese, bacon, lettuce, and of course, their signature barbecue sauce.

Those looking for something meat-free will not be disappointed by their novelty Plant-Based Burger feature, which even includes vegan imitation Gouda cheese, pickles, lettuce, and tomato on a Park House roll. Those with gluten intolerances also take note that gluten-free bread alternatives are also available upon request.

 D-LUXE Burger

Credit: Disney

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9. Chicken Guy

Disney Springs certainly has its pick of celebrity chef-led establishments. And the quick convenient go-to Chicken Guy is no exception. A chain founded by none other than Guy Fieri, this place gives folks a quick and convenient way to get a chicken fix via many available formats. Whether you’re looking to have your chicken done up in a sandwich or mixed into a savory salad, served on a skewer or baked up as all-natural tenders, you can’t beat the versatile options showcased on the menu here. And then there are all those signature house-made sauces to accompany each and every bold chicken selection on top of all that!

In addition to chicken, there are numerous raved about sides, shareables, and even delectable dessert features to boot.

 Chicken Guy

Credit: Disney

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8. Morimoto Asia Street Food

Perhaps you’ve heard of that praise-worthy Pan-Asian establishment of great acclaim—Morimoto Asia. But did you know that there is a quick-service alternative boasting the same masterfully prepared standards via some delicious Asian street food selections? But don’t let the term “street food” scare you, as the offerings on the menu here rewrite the standards of what is often thought of as being quick service. Most menu inspirations here are in fact based on the Hawker Centre and street food vendor setups found throughout Asia, sporting ramen, ribs, and even boba tea drinks, among other provisions.

Morimoto Street Food

Credit: Resorts Gal

7. Food Trucks

In addition to being home to so many stand-out brick-and-mortar dining establishments, Disney Springs is also home to a versatile food truck scene that’s garnered great favorably among Guests. Each food truck offers up its own niche of sorts, making each one its own unique presentation that works companionably with all others on the scene. While there are many locations to choose from, some of the top-rated food trucks across the board with fans include 4 Rivers Cantina Barbacoa, Pepe By Jose Andres, Springs Street Taco, Mac n Cheese, and Hot Diggity Dogs.

 Food Truck Scene

Credit: Disney

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6. B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Company

While the aforementioned Hot Diggity Dogs food truck boasts some beautiful dog-in-bun presentations, there’s a lot to be said about B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Company and their convenient walk-up window. Not only that, but they have a pretty profuse menu that goes above and beyond the usual in the way of hot-dog seeking. They even boast creatively re-imagined works of classic sandwiches with a “link” filler, like their New York Pastrami Rueben with all the works. Other hit favorites on the menu here include their Hawaiian Island Dogs (also available as foot-longs), the Mardi Gras Smoked Crawdog (yes it includes crawfish), and their Three Little Pigs combo of three miniature specialty dogs. Vegetarians and vegans take note of their special Plant-Based Bratwurst Sausage, which comes with sauerkraut, German mustard, and gets served up on a pretzel roll, no less.


Credit: Touring Plans

5. Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza

Here is another well-known chain restaurant that needs no introduction. But in adhering to true Disney fashion, by way of magical customization of sorts, it really fits with the Disney Springs scene so perfectly. It doesn’t matter what kind of pizza person you are (and yes, there are different kinds of “pizza people” out there) because you will enjoy this fresh, modern pizzeria where you are guaranteed a beautiful presentation of your featured favorites in just 180 seconds or less. And like I said, you get to customize your very own 11” pizza pies via so many toppings and other options. Want something alternative in the way of cheese and/or sauce? They’ve got you covered! They even have gluten-free pizza crust options as well!

In addition to pizza, you can get many other popular accompaniments and selections here as well. Some awesome alternatives to pizza include salads, dough knots, decadent desserts, and delicious drinks, like their blood orange lemonade, for instance.

Blaze Pizza Disney Springs

Credit: Resorts Gal

4. Pizza Ponte

Because of the popularity of pizza, here’s another hit quick-service venue of this distinction that cannot be overlooked. And because it’s part of the stellar Patina Restaurant Group, known for so many other hits throughout Disney World and Disney Springs, you know can count on all the authentic Italian charm to be experienced here. Sharing building space with the larger Maria & Enzo’s Restaurant (as well as The Edison and Enzo’s Hideaway), you can enjoy some of the most robust, hearty, Sicilian-style pizzas by the slice. All feature rich, classic ingredients sure to please your taste buds. What’s more, it’s worth noting that the “by-the-slice” presentations are gargantuan, to say the least. Don’t expect an unfulfilled dinky slice here. One slice is more than enough to fill your plate and satisfy your palate.

Pizza Ponte

Credit: Patina Restaurant Group

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3. The Daily Poutine

If you’re a fan of French fries but have never tried that Canadian-hailed favorite known as poutine, then here’s your chance. While the traditional classic typically comes as French fries loaded up with cheese curds, and gravy, the makings on the menu at the Daily Poutine take things up a notch, with several enticing variations to boot. Sure, you can get the classic Canadian version, but they also present a specialty Italian Poutine, Korean Barbecue Poutine, and Loaded Frites, which takes on a Latin American flare. They also feature a special Butter Chicken Poutine with tomato curry sauce and paneer cheese.

Daily Poutine

Credit: Disney Springs

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2. Cookes of Dublin

If you’re short on time and can’t make it into the immersive experience presented at Raglan Road, then just go one door over to this fitting quick-service window. Boasting comparable fare, it’s a convenient way to get all your favorite Emerald Island fixings as well as those comprising of the greater surrounding regions, like that highly hailed classic of Fish and Chips, for example. Other portable eats come in the way of sandwiches, mini pies, and more.

Cookes of Dublin

Credit: Disney

1. Polite Pig

As far as fast food goes, the modern barbecue fixings to enjoy here are of a most lavish making indeed. While all the classics are still intact, done up to perfection and beyond no less, there are also many pleasing house special features you’re going to love in addition. What’s more, they only use the freshest, locally sourced ingredients from the surrounding Orlando area. So, whether you’re looking for sandwiches, salads, or other viable vittles, they’ve got you covered with plentiful hearty helpings sure to satisfy all who come in.

In addition to barbecued basics, the menu extends to include other appetizing bits as well, including stand-alone accompanying sides of distinction. Also, be sure to save room for dessert as they also feature some exceptional sweet note endings to top things off.

The Polite Pig

Credit: The Polite Pig

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There are just so many appetizing options to sink your teeth into, wherever your journey takes you through Disney Springs. And regardless of how picky an eater you or the varying members of your party may be, you’d be hard-pressed not to find just the right fuel you need, and with phenomenal flavor at that!

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