Toontown Gets Even Better with Disney’s Latest Offering

toontown perfect picnic basket

Going to the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort is one of the best ways to enjoy the quintessential Disney experience. Any Disney Park at these Disney Resorts is home to entertainment offerings that encapsulate the Disney magic. All of us love to be able to take a piece of the Disney Parks home with us, and Disney merchandise is a great way to do that. Disney Parks Blog has just announced a new merchandise offering at Mickey’s Toontown that will surely be a hit with fans old and new: the Perfect Picnic Basket.

mickey's toontown delay

Mickey’s Toontown concept drawings

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When Mickey’s Toontown finally opens on March 19—it was pushed back from its original open date of March 8—fans can expect two new locations: CafĂ© Daisy and Good Boy! Grocers. Both locations will have myriad delicious treats for fans to enjoy, including one “Flop Over Pizza.”

What’s particularly exciting about this new announcement is that Disney has curated the perfect selection for fans to have a lovely picnic with their families on the infamous Toontown grass. And they completed that picture with the “Perfect Picnic Basket” and a “Perfect Picnic Blanket.”

perfect picnic basket toontown

The Toontown Perfect Picnic Basket/Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

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Disney also added this special additional component to allow Guests to have the perfect picnic at Mickey’s Toontown. They shared, “After picking up your basket, you can choose three… snack-sized items such as Cuties Mandarin Orange, yogurt smoothie, applesauce, a granola bar, a gluten-allergy-friendly fig bar, and more.” Guests can also add a small Dasani water or Minute Maid juice box.

mickey mouse disneyland parkMickey Mouse at Disneyland Park/Courtesy of Disney

Whether you’re a Toontown fan looking for the perfect way to show your love or you’re just looking for a unique and fun gift, the Perfect Picnic Basket is a great option. Head to Disneyland Park starting March 19 to pick one up!

Read more about these offerings on Disney Parks Blog!

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